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Space Pirates - Pirate Escape Review

On Sunday we had a few hours to kill before we headed to our first scare event in the North East so we headed to Whitley Bay to play Space Pirates. We knew nothing about this room or company so went into this completely blind. We walked up the stairs and entered the lobby area where we were greeted by both a really lovely host and a huge amount of pirate theming as well as some spooky decorations for the Halloween season. It looked amazing and I was thoroughly impressed as the theming spread across both floors and the high detail continued into the two rooms we played, the first of which was space Pirates. The host, who's name I can't remember as i'm terrible with names, explained the health and safety as well as the brief of the room. The brief was simple. We were space pirates who were boarding an abandoned ship. We boarded and the air lock locked behind us and we only had an hour of air left. We had to escape or die (not literally of course). Space Pirates is the newest room and we were told after that it is also their hardest. Would our group of three escape?

Potential spoiler warning. Read on at own risk!

We entered a small corridor where we had to work out how to unlock the first door to get into the main control room. We managed to solve this quite quickly and moved into the main room quite quickly. This is where things started to get tricky for us. We found ourselves struggling with the puzzles, or that's how it felt. We then got told that the screen's are able to show different prompts. This helped so much and it turned out that the screens were key to many of the puzzles. We started to solve the puzzles. The room has the right amount of padlocks and flowed really well. It opened up as you solved puzzles too which is always a winner for me. The puzzles are quite tricky and do require a bit of brain work but its doable. The puzzles are very clever. There is a good balance of physical and electronic puzzles too. I've done a couple of space themed ones and they tend to be quite electronic based so it was great that there was such a good mix of puzzles. As the room opened up even more the pressure mounted as time was ticking away.

But we escaped in 57 minutes and 16 seconds. We were so very close. They weren't kidding when they said it was their hardest room. The room is definitely one for more experienced escapers or bigger groups as there is quite a lot to do in the room, but its all really good fun. I just want to say a huge thank you to all the team involved in this family run escape room. We had a really awesome time. Pirate Escape have four rooms in total. For more information you can visit the Pirate Escape website.


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