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Summer HVRTING Review

It is absolutely no secret that we at PSG LOVE some HVRTING! So when the details for the SVMMER SHOW came about, naturally we had to be in the game.For weeks, very little info was given. Nothing about teams, gameplay or strategy. All we did know however was the theme ” High Rollers on a Summer Yacht”! So clearly a nautical style was in play.After weeks of speculation, we were warned to bring extra clothing for watching UK HAUNTERS after, combined with our group hashtags of #messyhvrting little did we anticipate what we had in store.

The day came and after an impromptu jaunt around Nottingham’s Victoria Centre and Primark to get our costumes. An hour or so car ride later and we arrived. After a short wait in the car park of the now infamous Mexborough Bussiness Centre, Myself and 9 other high rollers to be were welcomed into the building by our enigmatic and now iconic Croupier Dressed in the standard black jacket but paired with a summer gown and the red lipstick Rosies character is known for. We now donned in our Summer /Nautical attire, A bright ensemble of gay sailor fetish-Hawaiian shirts, bikinis and pool inflatables. We were now ready to play!

Unlike last time some mystery still lay over whether or not we would be teamed up, but this mystery was soon to be unveiled…”Here at HVRTING, we like to play a fair game” words of the Croupier filling the bright entrance hall”We want the strongest with the strongest and the weakest with the weakest so…. everyone on the floor and give me your best PLANK!”The Croupiers instructions never to be ignored we assumed the position. No more than 10 seconds in we are instructed to sing “Summer Holiday” this would be great if we all knew more than one bar of this famous British ditty. Imagine “We’re all going on a summer holiday …bluh vv der derr derrrr-WE’RE ALL GOING ON A SUMMER HOLIDAY” It was clear this was all we knew, So it became a barrage of seaside towns ” Were all on going on a summer holiday-Maidenhead-Bognor-Regis-Skegness-Brighton etc” Before long we started dropping and our teams were created… Amber with newbie Ben, Pagan with her reprise teammate Alan and Myself with newbie Josie. Teamed up it was time for the games truly to begin as we ventured deep into the depths of the Croupiers private chambers.

Decked out “get it DECKED OUT” In summer regalia, inflatables, buckets, spades and balloons our dark location felt deceptively welcoming. But to believe that this is a safe location is poorly placed judgement for in the corners of the room clad in black was our new enemies for the next hour. The Enforcers -Mikey-James and Jess.Each with many a way to make us as uncomfortable as possible up their sleeves. And so to start the game we took our seats, the intro played “You find yourself on a yacht with your friends restrained, your friends are now your opponents do what you must, HVRT them, take the resources and escape the HVRTING… Intros over it were time and the first cards were played…

It would be damn near impossible to recall the absolute order of the cards, punishments and orders put in place by the Croupier, But to narrow it down within seconds of the game starting I was swapping clothing with Alan and the jock was out in play too XD Much to the jeers of my peers ,I can tell they were happy with that HAHA. Pinching this time was taking a new fearing form (Stabbed with cocktail umbrellas), Our paddle for the game no longer the horrific 2X4 of our last game but a plastic spade with one hell of a crack on contact, This seemed to be Jess’ forte. And then all of sudden the first of many “Shark Attacks” cue our Pagan being doused in a bucket of fake blood. We asked for a messy HVRTING and by god, we were due to get it. Ontop of blood we all became victim to Sun Cream, Glitter Paint, Very cold water and mouldable foam soap, A little note here… It does not taste nice no matter how many times your made to eat it. Amber as if by on cue was made to face a duct tape gagging and Pagan and Alan but their heads together in the same fashion. In fact the creativity of the use of duct tape was quite inspiring. But although this seems like all fun and games as rounds pass we soon found ourselves taking punishments as a team!

From spanking to tickling to the infamous suffocation and waterboarding. It seemed this time no-one was safe from the wrath of HVRTING. I found myself taking 1 mammoth smack to the ass by our loved friend ScareTracks Mikey and completing 30 press-ups in just the Jock at this point. And then just as quick as it started 4 resources located and the game was up. Mike and Anna at the winning post but there can only be one! One final or so it seemed Waterboarding to decided the winner, After a tense wait Mike takes the crown but is also rewarded with REVENGE (3 Tortures of his choice for the rest of group) Tickling, Slaps and of course WATERBOARDING. Let us just say this show was very VERY water-focused lol so drowning naturally seemed the right exit!

And so another HVRTING Complete, released from the chamber below we entered back to the light for our not so gracious after pictures. Now we wait for UNWRAPPED and hopefully we shall unwrap something Hvrting shaped in the process!


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