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The Acid Bath Murderer at Hounds Escapes

We've been avid fans of Hounds Escape Rooms in Crawley, having thoroughly enjoyed their last three rooms. Our anticipation for their newest addition, "The Acid Bath Murderer," was heightened when we learned it was described as more of a live experience than a typical escape room. Despite minimal details until November, when Hounds started teasing the opening, we closely followed every social media post, eagerly awaiting the chance to immerse ourselves in this unique adventure.

This actor-led experience seamlessly blends narrative storytelling with the traditional escape room concept, creating a novel and captivating encounter that hasn't been seen before in the UK. As we journeyed through the life of the notorious serial killer, John Haigh, the scenes were expertly woven into the escape room elements. Unlike conventional escape rooms, each section has a set time, encouraging participants to fully absorb the unfolding story. The transition between the actor-led segments and the puzzle-solving aspects feels seamless and enhances the overall experience.

True to Hounds' reputation, the room itself meets the high standards we've come to expect. The sets are not only beautiful but they also carry a subtle yet effective creepiness that works so well. The attention to detail is extremely strong, and the team should take pride in the immersive environments they've created. Social media hints at two different actors in rotation—a male and a female character. Our experience with the male actor was exceptional; his portrayal struck the perfect balance between creepy and enthusiastic.

While the room carries a creepy theme, it's not overly scary. Well-timed jump scares add to the suspense without overshadowing the overall experience. Even those sensitive to scares can comfortably experience this, as the focus is more on the suspenseful atmosphere. The puzzles, although not overly challenging, are enjoyable, with a few requiring gentle nudges in the right direction. The experience culminates in a cinematic finale that provides a satisfying conclusion to the narrative.

Hounds has crafted something truly unique, standing apart from the majority of escape rooms in the country. The enthralling story, enjoyable puzzles, and stunning sets make for an unforgettable and immersive experience. This experience is best approached with as little prior knowledge as possible, ensuring you get the full impact of the experience in store.

Our thanks to Hounds for inviting us during the testing period to partake in this innovative experience.

For more information about the rooms and experiences Hounds Escape offer than you can visit their website here.


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