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The Cellar - Room Escape Southend

We had finished A Haunting on West Street, got food, played a round of mini golf, we made our way to Room Escape Southend’s new location, in the high street of Westcliff. A room designed for 2-4 people In their brand new location with a lovey reception/waiting area, with lockers to store your stuff and their Scar Award and Chucky guarding it all. We were told this rooms much harder and you have no scare actor or host. You have a screen with your time and they will give you hints if you need them. We waited where we were greeted by our lovey host. He explained to us how he needed to save his mum and dad from a serial killer and the only way to save them was to swap them for us and how we also we had to be chained to the wall too. So not only did we have to solve clues to escape ourselves we had to free ourselves from our chains first! So did we escape this room and make it two out of two.

Our host let’s us through to the main room. While walking through, there were bits of their previous rooms built as you walked through. We walked past their previous room for Halloween, A Haunting on West Street, through there Egyptian room, The cabin, Alice in wonderland etc. I loved this little touch and the little nods to the previous awesome rooms. It brought back memories of those previous rooms I had done and even in the room itself a prop was used from the previous rooms. Onto the room, our host took us in separate to chain us up. It was so weird being chained to a wall aha but we both had different locks on our chains. Tim had to free himself first to help free me but while still chained up we got our first part. The clues ranged from puzzles, pipes, keys, books, cryptic wording, weird alphabets, through to logic and numbers. We had little hints and help along our way. I was helpful ish lol, I’m good with a spanner lol. One highlight has to be when we were so stuck, Tim reaches for a book and points to the camera in the room and goes A is for Ant 😂 (no it was not helpful). I also fell over at one point too. Tim shouted at me to help but I could not. But after all that and battling through the clues, puzzles etc and freeing ourselves we escaped the room with just over 1min spare. Yay, go us we escaped, just :D

This room was so much fun, more brain power required for sure (I don’t have much of that) with the added bit of being chained to the wall. This room is the perfect mix of challenging puzzles and clues and was so much fun, we got more stressed in here to escape through. I loved this room one of the most challenging I’ve done but great fun. Honesty get to them to do this room it’s a great one for first timers or people who don’t like being scared as theirs no scars in this one and the room runs till the 20th may. And I will most definitely be back for when this room changes to. Once again thank you Room escape Southend you guys never disappoint when we come and see you and your rooms are amazing and you can see the amount of effort and time they put into their rooms to, it really pays off and to think they change their rooms so fast to. I can’t wait to get back to these guys :) thanks for welcoming us once again.


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