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The Diamond Dogs at Clue Cracker Review

On Sunday we headed to Tunbridge Wells to partake in a heist. Yes, you read that right, a heist. We joined Terry T-Bone and his crew at Clue Cracker to steal the Montgomery Diamond in The Diamond Dogs escape room. We arrived earlier than planned but we were greeted by our host and GM Luke. He explained about the room and told us about the diamond. He then led us upstairs and into the room.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

We entered and found ourselves in the back of a van. Luke handed us two backpacks, one containing a bomb, a watch for time keeping and two walkie talkies. He checked we were good and happy and our game begun. Terry T-Bone was driving the van. The room vibrated and it felt like you were actually in the back of a van. It was a theatrical way to start of the room. We pulled up in the alley and the back of the van opened. We were greeted by a small alleyway. We sussed our very quickly that we needed to break into the the jewellers. We solved the clues in this area, which were a mix of physical and mental puzzles. It was a great warm up for the rest of the room. We managed to open the door and found ourselves confronted with a cage.

We struggled a little bit to unlock the cage but once we figured out what we needed to do we got it done quickly. We were in the shop front of the jewellers. We had to find the 5 keys to unlock the vault. We started working through the puzzles. There is quite a few puzzles ranging from simple maths, to picture clues. They all seemed to go with the room. halfway through solving the puzzles in this room, something happens. I won't spoil it but its something I wasn't expecting but really added to the immersion of the experience. They really thought about the small details in the room. We managed to get all 5 keys, even if one of the padlocks last numbers was solved by turning the dial.

We were confronted with a laser grid. Luckily only one of us had to get through and it wasn't me as I suck at them. It was quite a tricky one though and did require several attempts. We then got into the vault. We quickly started emptying the safety deposit boxes of their contents whilst one of our trio worked on unlocking the cabinet containing the Montgomery Diamond. We unlocked it and the alarms started going off. We still had time spare so we worked to open the rest of the boxes before detonating the bomb and making our escape.

We managed to open all 30 boxes and get the diamond and escape in 56 minutes and 58 seconds. The Diamond Dogs is a fantastic room with great immersion, great puzzles and some wonderful hosting. Thank you to Luke and the team at Clue Cracker for a wonderful visit and we will be back to play the rest of the rooms!


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