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The Morgue Extreme Review

Dover is known for its white cliffs and ferries out do the country but it turns out this port town is home to a really fun horror escape room. The Morgue at The Escape Goat comes in two versions, its normal version, which contains no live actor and is 60 minutes, and their extreme version which contains a live actor and is 90 minutes. Of course we played the extreme version.

We arrived and were welcomed by Kym, our lovely GM for our game. It’s always great when a GM has a passion for escape rooms too as you can talk and share experiences and get recommendations for rooms you might not have known about. Anyway, she explained the story….

“The Estate has been left abandoned and rotting for as long as you can remember.

The mysterious 'Howe Security' are offering lucrative contracts for Security teams to patrol the empty sprawling estate. Patrolling empty buildings? Sounds like easy money. Some might question why security is needed for abandoned buildings, but you're just thinking about pay day...

It's midnight. It's your first shift and you've been assigned to patrol The Morgue.

You've heard the ridiculous rumours that no one ever clocks out of this shift. But you need this job, and it's not like you're going to be on your own in there, you've got your team with you... haven't you?”

She then assigned us roles. I got note take, but it went out the window when we actually went inside. She opened the door and let us in. Our game had begun.

Potential spoilers ahead

The first room you come to is the morgue office. We decided to explore as a group so our group of four stayed together to try and solve the puzzles. We quickly got through this first room, with the odd rumble of the actor lurking somewhere within. It built the tension up quite nicely. It’s been a little while since I last played a room with an actor so i was already on edge on a little bit with anticipation. We opened the door to progress to the next room.

What followed was a series of puzzles and reveals and experiences that we can't really go into as it would completely spoil the game, but trust me when I say it gave us an experience that we won't forget because it's so immersive and very well themed.

Team photo for The Morgue
Team photo after playing Morgue. I got scared by the gun going off haha

The Morgue Extreme was a fun, tense room. The puzzles may not be the most creative or the hardest, but they all work extremely by well for the style of game this is. They work with the story well and none felt out of place. The  acting is simple in effect but it does build up a tense environment and makes for some interesting interactions. It all comes together to create a very immersive escape experience and one that i throughly enjoyed and I recommend to all horror fans!


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