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The Rituals Of Mary At Project Mayhem Review

We found ourselves immersed in the enchanting city of Lincoln, unable to resist a visit to one of our favourite escape room venues, Project Mayhem. Renowned for their horror-themed escape rooms, our previous experience with their Fear room left us thrilled and eager to explore another of their chilling creations. Opting for a challenge, we set our sights on their most formidable room yet – The Rituals of Mary. We arrived and after a great catch up with owner Dean we were given some torches and had the story of the room explained to us:

My dear, sweet Mary passed away when she was just 9 years old. Every night I am plagued by flashbacks. The drive home. Intense, blinding light. The sound of screaming metal. Her body, bloodied, huddled in my arms I remember, between shallow breaths, her quietly saying “I just want to go home, Mummy”
Despite the Doctors’ attempts to save her life, Mary’s body gave up in the hospital bed at 3:33am. It was just the two of us, as it always has been. Holding back tears, I held her hand, kissed her on the forehead and headed for the door.
And then she spoke…..“I just want to go home, Mummy”

We were there on the fateful night to help Mary's soul pass over peacefully. But could we do it?

Let's delve into the ambiance of the room. Divided into three distinct spaces – a hospital reception, a ward, and a mysterious third room – each area exuded a simple yet impactful thematic design. The dimly lit surroundings, particularly in the initial room, intensified the atmosphere, setting the stage for suspense and anticipation. As a horror-themed room, the scares were plentiful, ranging from startling noises to the relentless presence of a live actor, ensuring a constant sense of unease and heightened tension.

Without revealing too much about the puzzles, they showcased a delightful variety, seamlessly blending physical and mental challenges. While demanding a fair share of cognitive prowess and patience, the puzzles remained solvable, even amid the backdrop of spine-chilling scares. Progressing through each room it came to a thrilling, slightly hair-raising finale that was perfect with the overall experience.

The Rituals of Mary proved to be an enthralling blend of scares and puzzles, delivering a thoroughly enjoyable experience that kept us on the edge of our seats. Despite moments of concern about our escape, we triumphed – albeit narrowly. If you relish a spine-tingling atmosphere and intricate puzzles, this room is undoubtedly a must-try!

For more information and to book your spine chilling escape experience, you can visit the Project Mayhem website.

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