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The Scarehouse at Walsall Scare Maze Review 2022

Slasher Review (Our Short Review)

Walsall Scare Maze have opened The Scarehouse, their new attraction for the 2022 scare season. The attraction has a constant onslaught of scares amongst highly detailed sets with amazing interaction and wonderful smells. The scares inside were clever and well timed and varied in styles. Honestly it was incredible. To say much more would spoil it but a more detailed spoiler free review can be found below.

Top Tips: Just enjoy it!

Things that Bite: NOTHING! It was all so good!

Value for money: Hell yes!

Scare Rating: 5/5

Do we recommend: Abso-bloody-lutley

Stalker Review (Our Long Review)

It was time for my very first visit to Walsall Scare Maze. Everyone I know (including the rest of PSG) have all said how amazing it is and so I endured the 6 hour round trip to visit and my god I now know what everyone was talking. It doesn't look much form the outisde and in normal every day life you'd have no idea that it was there unless you had visited before. Its pretty unassuming. Entry was quick and I was greeted with an array of decoration in the waiting area. From props from theme parks to a festive spooky tree, it was camp and delicious. I joined the queueand within 10 minutes of joining it I was in, picture taken and moved to a waiting bay ready to enter. I had no idea what to expect but I was actually nervous and excited to finally find out what secrets lurked within. As promised this will be a spoiler free review.

From the minute you enter the first thing you notice are the gorgeous sets. Throughout the entire attraction the sets are just phenomenal. They are porn for the eyes and the attention to the smallest detail are noticeable. I particularly enjoyed the cobwebs on the books. Such an awesome small detail that really added to the atmosphere of the scene. With the sets comes a plethora of different smells which add an extra layer to the immersin in each scene. The whole maze itself has been extended to double the size and takes a good 20-25 minutes to get through but not a single space felt empty or unused to the fullest.

The actors are on top form in there. The scares were constant and came from different directions and it got more and more intense as the attraction went on leading to a really awesome multi-level finale. It felt like every actor was given the freedom to create a character and then really get to know their space before it opened and I think it shows as they really do use every space to the fullest. What makes it even better is that they have even thought off batching throughout the maze and there are scenes which enable actors to hold groups so they don't catch each other. These scenes are incredibly interactive with humour and creepyness combined whilst still containing dark tones and, for some, a little bit moisture thrown in. I can't say much more else without giving away what happens inside.

Overall Walsall Scare Maze have pulled out all the stops to create something beautifully scary with so much going on that it really is a fabulous attraction to behold and experience. If you haven't visited than honestly just go. You won't regret it. I want to say thank you to the amazing team at Walsall Scare Maze for an amazing first time visit for myself and thank you the actors for being horrendous and horrible and making me scream.

Walsall Scare Maze is open 14th, 15th, 20th - 23rd, 25th - 31st October and 4th and 5th November .

Review written by Dom and Frankie


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