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The Secret of the Vault - Puzzalogical Escape Rooms

Friday morning we had a few hours to kill so we headed to Bracknell in Berkshire to Puzzalogical Escape Rooms to experience The Secret of the Vault. We hadn't booked online and popped along to ask if they had any availability as we had left it later as we we were in Bracknell anyway. When we arrived we at the venue we were greet by some small but great Halloween decorations and of course, us being big in to scares, we loved it! Nathan was so amazing and he managed to fit us in and he was also our host for our game. He played us the usual health and safety video. We were then led to our room where he explained that he managed to get us access to the vault room but he wasn't able to break into the safe and it was our job to crack it. All he wanted was the envelope and we could keep the gold and jewels and what ever else we found in the safe. He wished us luck and closed the door.

The room was simple in design and looked just like what a bank vault looks like. There was a locked, caged off area where the safe sat. We obviously had to unlock the gate first. The entry door closed behind us and the game had begun. We played this room as a two so immediately split up and started trying to work out the puzzles. There was a range of puzzles from mathematics to some that required you to really think outside of the box. It was really great to actually crack a safe in a similar way to a movie. I know its a cliche but it just worked really well for the room. I must admit, this was actually by first bank/safe themed escape room and I really enjoyed it. It was simple in its idea but it was executed in such an awesome way. This room's prize at the end is also very clever in that its actually a potential clue for another room at Puzzalogical, which is a small touch but its such a great idea.

The Secret of the Vault is such a great escape room and if you are ever in Bracknell its completely worth visiting and yes we escaped!. The staff are extremely welcoming and friendly and really enthusiastic and the room is very well put together. It has some great puzzles and is a really fun way to spend an hour. Thank you for hosting us, we will be back to play the other rooms. Puzzalogical have three rooms in total including this one, Prison Break and Pharaoh's Mystery. Tickets start from £25.00 per person for a group of two and prices vary depending on how many of you attend (Up to 6 people). For more information you can check out the Puzzalogical Escape Rooms website.


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