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Halloween is no longer the only time when scares happen. A few places are bringing the scares this festive season. We’ve been keeping an eye out for different announcements of these seasonal scares and here is everything we’ve noticed. There may be more out there, but we can’t see everything.

Scare Kingdom Scare Park – Christmas FestEVIL

No seasonal scare attraction list would be without the wonderfully scary guys at Scare Kingdom. Christmas FestEVIL This it it has 3 attractions on offer. Manormortis Nevermore, Body Snatchers Krampus Catacomb and Psychomanteum Glory Grotto. Christmas Festevil runs for two nights, Friday 14th and Saturday 15th December with tickets costing £13.00 from Scare Kingdom’s Website.

Yorkshire Scare Grounds – Yuletide Terror

Running on the 7th, 8th and 9th of December, Yuletide Terror will be home to 3 attractions, Krampus, Bad Santas! Banged Up! and Christmas Carol. Also on offer is street food, roaming actors and visit Santa Claws in his Grott-Hole for a picture. Tickets cost £16.00 from Yorkshire Scare Grounds website.

Ghoulies Haunted House – Santa’s Grot Hole

This wonderful bar and haunted house in the heart of Liverpool always has events happening, so its no surprise that they will be going festive. Little information is known at the time of posting this blog, but keep an eye on the Ghoulies Haunted House website!

Contained Liverpool – Killer Christmas

Another event in Liverpool, Killer Christmas at Contained Liverpool will run 14-16th of December. This immersive horror maze will put sacks on your heads as you move from scene to scene and you will encounter various Christmas beasts along your journey who will decide if you’ve been naughty or nice. You must be 18+ to experience this and its groups of 4. Tickets cost £18 and can be booked at the Contained Liverpool website!

Faceless Ventures X – Unwrapped

The wonderfully talented people at Faceless Ventures X never fail when it comes to Christmas events and this year we have Unwrapped. No information will be released before the 8th of December, and even then, you will only find out what happens inside if you do it. It is a 45 minutes, mildly aggressive experience. Tickets are strictly limited and they can be purchased from the Faceless Ventures X Wesbite!

Walsall Scare Maze – Santa’s Fear Factory

This wonderfully scare attraction is offering what can only be described as The Purge meets Santa’s workshop and it sounds quite fun we won’t lie. Guests must be 12 years + with those aged between 12 and 17 being escorted by an adult. It is running for 6 nights. These are 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd December and tickets cost £9.50 and can be booked from the Wallsall Scare Maze website!

Immersive Events – Shrewsbury Prison Scream Park & The Street – Santa’s GROT’o

We adore both SPSP and The Street, so we were jumping from the walls when we heard that both were coming back for Christmas. At Shepton Mallet Prison, The Street will be returning and Santa will be arriving for Santa’s GROT’o, meanwhile at Shrewsbury Prison Scream Park, Experimental, Shrewsbury Meat Market and House No 7 will be returning along with Santa’s GROT’o. Both events will be running on 21st and 22nd of December only. Tickets and more information can be found on the Immersive Events website!

Don’t forget, these year round attractions will also be open!


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