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The Upside Down at Project Escape Middlesbrough Review

Project Escape in Middlesbrough recently opened a new room to replace their Haunted room which we've played previously. They slowly hinted that the theme was going to be inspired by a certain Netflix series and it got us excited. Our lovely host was very welcoming and she explained all the usual health and safety. She then let us into the room.

We were immediately greeted by a load of puzzles other the space of this one room that had been split into two, one representing the normal side and one the upside down. Our group of three immediately split up and looked around and started working on the puzzles. I really enjoyed the light puzzle in this room. Even though I didn't get it straight away and I came back to it, that lightbulb moment of realising how it works was great and felt like a great accomplishment. These puzzles build to unlock a small back room with two great Easter eggs to the show.

We finished all the puzzles in the this area and moved on to the last area. This was the rainbow room. There were various different puzzles in here. There was a puzzle that required UV light and it wasn't very clear, especially when you had to see the numbers through very small holes that weren't cut out very well. We managed to eventually solve the puzzle and we managed to escape.

We got out in 52 minutes. It was a fun room. It's a little rough around the edges but it's got a couple of fun puzzles and it was just a lot of fun. For more information and to book tickets for both this room and their other rooms you can visit the Project Escape Middlesbrough website.


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