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We know, this is weird. How can we be interviewing our own person. Hear me out. Amber is acting for her first full scare season this year and we thought we would have a chat and ask her some questions about how she is feeling and the everything that she has to do in her first acting role and how she got there!

How are you feeling about your first full scare season acting?

I’m feeling excited and nervous. It’s going to be an amazing, busy and crazy time but really looking forward to it as well. I can’t wait to scare people and for people to come see me in action. It’s also great to as I’ve been able to create my own personal character within my part of the attraction and make it my own.

Can you tell us about your journey to get here?

It all started about a year or so ago when I got the chance to act and be a zombie in Dead Centre in Essex or I could go further back to when I worked for a day in the London Bridge Experience and London Tombs when I got the bug and chose to scare act. I have no drama qualifications or anything so it’s been a hard but rewarding journey to where I am now. I got really into it when I started acting in Dead Centre and Seance for the lovely guys at Hide and Shriek. It’s the best job in the world scaring people and so rewarding. I’m self taught so I’ve learnt by going through attractions and seeing what other actors do in different situations and stuff like it. After I finished at Dead Centre I took it upon myself that this year I wanted to act in an attraction/scream park, so I looked up places I wanted to act at and looked at auditions and recruitment nights and I chose to go for Xtreme Scream Park. I just went along to a recruitment night and gave it a go and a few weeks later I go offered the position in the maze I wanted. I was elated to land my first scare acting role for a whole season. It really helped me speaking to other people about it as well and their experiences as well.

What were the recruitment nights like?

Really good. It was so much fun and everyone welcomes you and says hello and you got to chat to new actors and returning actors and got to chat with the Xtreme team too. You fill out an application and about a month later you get partnered with a returning actor to see what you are like in an attraction. I got taken around the attraction I wanted to work in so I could see what it is like and where I would of liked to be in the attraction. We also got to take a look at other attractions too.

So once you got offered a place, what happened?

I got an email to say I was in Stilton Hall Hotel and Hell Spa and that I was a resident and then they said just come to a recruitment night and on the one I went to Stilton was the open attraction so I got to go through it live to see what It was like with people who’ve acted there before and then got I got paired up with a fellow returning actor and put into the attraction and did a few live runs for the people there and for them to see what I can do. I also also had to fill in some paperwork.

With Xtreme opening on Friday, how have rehearsals been?

They have been really good. You get to develop your character and work your lines out on what to say. I’ve got to practice on the other actors from the other attractions, as well as being able to visit their attractions to be practiced on. You’ve got to learn your whole attraction and what works and what does not. You’ve got to learn your queues and when to get ready as well. They have been good fun and it’s flown by!

How are you feeling about when the attractions open to the public?

I’m feeling really excited and nervous. I can’t wait to scare the public and give them a time they won’t forget!

I’m sure you will join us in wishing not only Amber, but everyone at Xtreme Scream Park, the best of luck this year. We love to hear stories from the actors as they are the ones who make an attraction what it is!


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