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Unescapable - Edith Review

When it comes to horror escape rooms in the UK, Edith is a name that many will recognise or maybe even fear. One of 4 of Unescapeable Derby’s devious but amazingly themed and immersive rooms. Edith is known for a dark storyline, Chilling Mystery and many a jump scare in tow. That being said we were visiting in the time of COVID… So would Edith live up to its fearful reputation? Well this is how lucky we were, PSG booked onto the first Edith run with an actor after 7 months of hiatus, Talking about firsts, this is where I “Dan” Leave you as it was also another first for Dane! Yes, his first EVER escape room and he jumped in the deep end with the infamous Edith. So here is his review of Edith at Unescapable Derby.

Going into the escape room I was hit with a mix of emotions. Fear, Excitement, Anticipation and even a slight sense of dread all bolstered with a good healthy dose of adrenaline. Of course, the rest of the group having all experienced Escape Rooms in the past had some idea of what we were getting into, To me, I was going in blind. Obviously, I can’t give spoilers of what happens in the room, But safe to say even down to the entry into the room was so far from what I could have expected. I didn’t honestly know just how much adding a time limit to a room could throw you into the experience, neither was I actually expecting to get scared in the room, Even Emma Jaura who was one of 2 PSG Guests, Who has a history of scare acting (Walsall Scare Maze-Xtreme Scream Park-Twisted Attractions and more recently SCREAM CAMP to name a few) Still came victim to Ediths Appearance, Also in attendance was Joe Bennett , Our Pagans partner who did his fair share of running too. We will say although Edith did appear at certain times, The distancing was absolutely fantastic and to be honest as Dan agrees it does set a president for what actor interaction can still be achieved in times of COVID. Talking about COVID hand sanitizers were in many locations, Only one group was in the foyer at one time, Masks had to be worn during your time within Unescapeable and even during the game. The measures taken were well thought out and did make us feel safe that everything was secure.

The 2 final things I wanted to mention was going into Edith I had some ideas of what tasks might be involved in an escape room but I never anticipated what Edith would have to offer, The Final is a huge note of recognition to the couple who set the story of the room and even the entrance into Unscapeable, They were charming, fun and engaging at check-in and when it came to going into the game they set the tone with a great sense of immersion, The most evident fact was, you could tell just how much they enjoyed their jobs and on that note, we can’t wait to see what comes next from Unescapable Derby, Maybe something even darker than Edith… And maybe even next time the room might claim us, however, this time we WON with 10 Minutes left on the Clock.

So I survived my first scary escape room as well as my first ever escape room, Onward to the next.

Dane signing out.


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