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Entity - Paralysis Escape Rooms Review

6th October we headed back to Stoke to take on another of Paralysis Escapes Rooms devious games. We faced our fears and survived with Phobia, But how would we do in Entity? , The Supernatural sibling of the aforementioned room. As always on entry into Paralysis, we were greeted by a member of the family of fear powerhouse that runs these games. As I’ve mentioned before the driving force to the success of this company is the full-on family approach that Damon and his kids provide, It really is so evident just how much they love designing, creating and running these rooms and the payoff is undoubtedly the reactions of their guests and for this, they should be so proud of what they have achieved.

When it comes to Entity there is a clear distinction between the style of rooms in comparison to Phobia. Phobia is a more organic room with very purpose placed items that just blend into the room like they have been there for years. Whereas Entity is a whole different experience, A much more theatrical approach which provided a heavily influenced creepy vibe. The Enfield nod before even entering the room was a great touch and definitely fitting to the event ahead. And that is exactly what Entity is AN EVENT. So many challenges lay in wait and some moments of progression you will not see coming, But for sure you will find yourself fully immersed in a story that will take you back to the more ghostly episodes of “Strange But True” (The source of many of my(Dan) childhood nightmares). The changes of direction in the room and the interaction from the spirits that will you have to save all add up to a theatrical and emotional crescendo which is the perfect ending to Entity’s offering. Just Like Phobia, Entity is not short of scares or areas in the game where you might ask yourself “Do I really have to do this?!”.Blind faith can be a bugger in timed situations. But just like Phobia all the puzzles (No matter how devious) Are so well thought out and will really get your brain working and I dare say will not be solved in the first way you come to look at them. Entity does seem to be the harder of the two however this I suppose boils down to what scares you. In Phobia fear can take over and stop you progressing, Yet in Entity although fear will take a place it will more likely be the later challenges that will haemorage your time left to escape.

A final note to this this section is that if you havent checked out Paralysis then you are missing out, Entity and Phobia are up there with the greats and in many cases even supass what some might class as the best in the country.

So to wrap this up we escaped Entity with 7:29 to spare and the winning streak continues. But a sense of sadness now looms over knowing we have no choice but to now wait for the next installment of the Paralysis anthology , From what we have heard (which is very little and quite guarded) but for good reason leaves us in a situation that harkens back to Dr Frank.N.Furter “Shiver in Antici…………………………………………PATION!”

For now our DEMON errr I mean Damon Simms lead adventure ends but rest assured when the next games appear so will PSG ready to take on its challenges.

From the PSG Family to the Family of Fear

Thankyou in every sense of the word.

Now for those reading


Goodbye for now

Dan,Dane and Pagan


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