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Thorpe Park changes for the 2021 season

Thorpe Park in Surrey reopened for the 2021 season on Monday 12th April. We may not have been there on opening day but we popped along on the 14th for a day of rides and fun. Before you even enter the park the changes start. This year a catering van called the Thorpe Perk Express is outside the park entrance offering guests an assortment of various drinks and hot food. As well as the food van, new signage and fencing around the security area has been installed making it easier to see where you are supposed to go to enter the park. The dome has received an all new floor paint, which both looks out of place but works so well. Its so strange to describe but its something sparkly so gets our approval.

New direction signage has been installed around the park to help guests navigate the island. The fastrack kiosk by Mr Monkey’s has also received some new signs which make it so much easier to identify. A marquee has been installed in the area where the Lycanthorpe High Scare zone at Fright Nights 2021 was for seating. We also understand that this will be used by hotel guests in the evening. The fabulous ice cream station Nitrogenie that’s located near Derren Brown’s Ghost Train has also been replaced with Cookies and Creamery that sells cookie sandwiches and simple favoured ice cream.

Ride wise a few changes have happened around the park, most notably to Tidal Wave which has not only has received a station repaint but the fuel tank fire ball effect has been replaced with a petrol pump and boat. The entrance sign also looks like it has received a bit of TLC. The Swarm has had its mist effects fixed on the jet engine and around the helicopter. New for 2021 (Was supposed to be 2020 but the pandemic delayed this) is Black Mirror Labyrinth. Whilst this indoor attraction is yet to open (Its planned to open on the 21st May) the attraction’s entrance sign is in place and we must say it looks pretty awesome. Stealth has also seen a change in the removal of the bag store. It has been replaced with a store your own bag system, similar to that on Rita at Alton Towers. As well as all that, the explorer themed roaming actors are back at the park and this year they have been joined by some other characters who we believe are called The Rift.

Thorpe Park currently has their outdoor attractions open with their indoor attractions due to open after the 17th May. The park is also hosting two events this year. Fright Nights will return this year on selected dates in October and the surprising popular Oktoberfest will also be returning to the park this year with dates yet to be confirmed. For more information about the park and to book tickets and hotel stays at the Thorpe Shark hotel, you can visit their website


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