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3 Reasons To Be Excited About Thorpe Park Fright Nights This Year

Thorpe Park have had a real roller coaster (pun totally and cheesily intended) ride when it comes to their annual Fright Nights event. From their now iconic lull in 2017 and 2018 to their terrifying heights of the Lionsgate team up, they really have gone both ways on the scare spectrum, but in the last couple of years they have been going through a bit of a renaissance with the event and now that they have announced their line up for 2022, it has made me realise how special truly is and I’m going to explain why.

Last Year For Some Attractions

Ok, this one might be a bit speculative on my front but it’s also based on some fact too. With Project Exodus due to be constructed in Old Town it comes as no surprise that the sawmill that is home to the Buckwheats is closing. Whilst this is sad news it does mean the maze can go one of two way. It will either be a bit meh or the actors will go full steam to send Creek Freak Massacre of with a bang. I’m hoping the latter and that’s why I’m excited to journey into the mill. This year could also potentially (but unconfirmed) last year of Amity High Vs Lycanthorpe given it’s called Graduation sucks. Graduation is usually the last celebration before heading of to college so it seems like it is only fitting that this could be the last year for this scare zone and show. If this is the case than it makes me excited to see what they do as the show is always incredible to watch and has also been responsible for being Queer inclusion into the park.

The New Attractions

This year the park is playing host to three new attraction. One scare experience in The Terminal, one scare zone in Devils Doors and one Scare Maze in The Survival Games. All three of this bring something new and excited to the Fright Nights line up that hasn’t been seen at the park before. The Terminal is from Darkfield, the creators of some amazing and incredibly immersive audio experiences such as Seance (which was at Warwick Castle) and Coma. Whilst we don’t know what it will actually entail, it is really intriguing that Thorpe have gone down this route. It’s not going to be for everyone but it’s still a super exciting attraction. Devils Doors also sounds like a very intriguing idea for a scare zone. It’s got a Trick Or Treat vibe to it and it’s such a clever and very inactive way to do a zone. Lastly The Survival Games just gives me Anarchy meets Sub Species vibes and I’m here for it. It sounds like it’s going to be utter chaos and it’s right up my street.

The Rest of the Event

You can’t go resting on your laurels with just those as Fright Nights has so much more on offer. Trailers, the award winning scare maze is back and it’s been hinted that there will be updated scenes which is going to be awesome as this maze was stunning last year. Also returning is The Crows of Mawkin Meadow. This highly immersive scare zone really is a sight to see during the day as it’s beautiful but it changes to a completely different monster at night. The Buckwheats will also be roaming around the park this year as their usual hunting ground is out of bounds. Rounding of the line up is the return of Birthday Bash, their scare zone and live show which went down a treat last year.

This is without doubt one of the strongest Fright Nights line up’s in years and I for one can not wait until I get to experience it. Will you be visiting? What are you most excited for. Let us know!


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