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Summer Frights Come To Fear

Award winning Halloween event Fear at Avon Valley are set to open its door earlier than usual with a new summer event this July. Known for bringing the scares primarily in October, Fear have wowed and terrified guests every year since it opened in 2014 with just two attractions in its line up. Since then it has grown and expanded to become one of the best Halloween scare events in the country with multiple awards under its belt.

This year the event has announced that it will once again be opening its door, but this time in July, for a one of special Summer Frights event on the 13th July that will focus on the parks Republic of England area and the New World Order trilogy. The experience, which is something the park hasn't done before, will make guests experience the attractions in story order. This means guests will start their journey with X4, move to The Core and end with Vita Nova in a 40 minute linear experience.

As well as bringing summer scares the scream park will also open its bar area for guests to chill and soak up the atmosphere of the scream park before it returns for its Halloween season which starts on the 11th October and will run for 11 nights throughout October. Their line up for their Halloween event has yet to be confirmed but we shall bring details when its announced.

Fear's Summer Frights event will run on the 13th July and tickets are £20.00. For more information about their Summer Frights event, you can visit their website.


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