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Out Of Season Scares Are Back!

Hooray! Out of season scares seem to be making a come back this year and we are so excited. In today's blog post we look at the out of season scare attractions opening in the next couple of months. With that, lets look at the out of season scare events happening!

Bodmin Jail - Lights Out

Bodmin Jail in its own right is a spooky place, but they recently announced Lights Out. This will be a year round scare attraction that will be open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, but it is opening on the 9th February. It will cost £20 per person and it is advertised for 14+ as it will contain live actors, tight spaces and strong language and imagery. For more information and to book tickets you can visit the Bodmin Jail website.

Deva Roman Experience - Til Death Do Us Part

Located in Chester, Deva Roman Experience will be opening a Valentines inspired scare experience that takes date night back 2000 years. The website teases blindfolds, scare actors, special effects and confined spaces. The attraction will open for just two nights on the 16th and 17th February and tickets are £20 per person. For more information and to book tickets you can visit the Deva Roman Experience website.

Museum Of Horrors - Happy New Fear

In Stoke there lies a museum dedicated to all things horror and this January they are hosting a live scare experience that will run for just two nights on the 27th and 28th. There will also be one late night extremer version for those hardcore fans. To book a slot you have to inbox them via Facebook and they will let you know availability. For more information you can visit the Museum of Horrors Facebook page.

Those are currently all the new events/attractions that will be opening this year but it is also worth remember that there are also year round scares available around the country. Pasaje Del Terror returns on March 2nd, The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs is open daily and multiple Dungeon attractions around the UK (Blackpool Tower Dungeon doesn't reopen until February). As well as that there is many horror themed escape rooms.


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