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Deathcell Lite Review

So I went and braved Deathcell Lite at At Home Salisbury on All Hallows’ Eve, aka Halloween to the common folk. It may have been a smaller version of its main event, Deathcell, but my god was it immersive. The team at R Space Productions did a wonderful job transforming 3 rooms into this mini scare attraction. All 3 rooms were fully immersive and the actors were fantastic. The story made sense and was easy to follow, even when the intensity was thrusted to 11.

The attraction started in the cafe part of At Home Salisbury where you are greet by two hilarious characters. I am crap with names so have forgotten them. They escort you round the back and into Deathcell. You are greeted by 3 flies. The man handle you and line you up. In this first room, there is a bed and an actor lying it and off to the side there was another sub room. The group gets separated and some go into the sub room while others stay. In the main room, the man on the bed (who we later find out is called Andrew/Orange) is being tortured. He gets stabbed and suffocated. It’s very intense and quite disturbing to watch. In the sub room, Blue is also being tortured. The fly in this room soaks a hessian hood in water, puts it over his head and then proceeds to drown him in a bucket. Again, it’s very intense and disturbing. Once the torturing has ended you are the shoved into the next room.

This next room is where things really heat up. Their is a lady cuffed to the ceiling and a man in the corner. This room reminds me of the courtroom scene in the dungeons. The man tells us that you have to fight to survive. He gets one of the flies to grab Andrew/Orange and he faces off against the character who was cuffed. She wins and Orange gets taken away. The man in charge then tells her that she has to fight again and the flies pick someone from the group. They do and then all you hear is that someone escaped their cell. All the flies except 1 leave and so it’s jus Blue and the group. Blue overpowers the fly and knocks him out. Yellow, who escaped, comes running in. She barks at us to search the fly. We find a USB stick and a gun. She plugs it into the laptop that was left by the man in charge and pulls up Andrew/Orange’s file. We go back into the first room where Andrew is waiting.

This is where the escape room starts. On the bed are the words S-E-W-N Shut and there is a compass. On the walls are numbers. We had to work out the code and unlock the box. When you’re in there it’s a lot harder to work out than you think. But we eventually worked it out. There was a key card in the lock box. We then get shoved again into the battle room and we then move onto the last room. Waiting is the man in charge. He starts ranting (the topic eludes me) and him and Yellow get into a bit of a fight. We are told to run. As in any attraction, run usually results in walk slowly and confused, so we did and we walked through the strobe section which had actors trying to grab you. It was only a small section but it was very intense.

And that was it. It was such a good attraction. As I said previously, the intensity in here was high and you genuinely felt like you had to fight to survive. For the first scare attraction to come to Salisbury in about 10 years, I’m so glad I got to experience it and I really hope they return next year. Thank you R Space Productions. It was so good!


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