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Doncaster Fear Factory 2022 Review

We were given free tickets to experience this year's Doncaster Fear Factory. Whilst we were given the free tickets, we have full editorial control of what our review of the event says.

Our Slasher Review

Doncaster Fear Factory is made up our four returning attractions in Y.A.N.A Gate and Chasm and two new attractions in The Pogo Club and The Legend of Cackle Hill. All the attractions were on top form and provided a variety of different scares throughout the evening which meant we were constantly screaming.

Top Tips - Get there early

Things That Bite - The toilets

Value for Money - 100%

Scare Rating - 5/5

Do We Recommend - Hell Yes!

Our Stalker Review

Last year saw the return of Doncaster Fear Factory and from about a month after last years event had finished they were already on full on promotion mode for this years event. Fast forward to this year and the event has four attractions with two being new and the two returning having new story lines. Like last year. The hub section was simple with a couple of food outlets, but word of warning, their toilets have not improved from last year and are still dark and slightly gross. That being said, that is the only negative thing I can say about the event.

So let’s get onto the mazes. We started the night with Chasm, one of two returning attractions. Like last year the facade hasn’t changed, but inside the attraction it’s darker and scarier than last year. Batching on this maze was okay but due to the nature of the attraction it was very slow moving but luckily we didn’t catch any groups in their groups caught up with us. The scares came from literally every direction, above, below, to the side, they were really going for it and they were very hands on. The theming inside the maze is very detailed. Due to the nature of the maze those with limited mobility may struggle to go through due to the crawling areas.

The next attraction of the night was The Legend of Crackle Hill, one of two new attractions at the event. This maze is located where the entrance to Eden was last year and they have pretty much built an entire wooden house. Inside the maze the theming was really detailed. There was numerous high detailed sets that would distract you from the oncoming onslaught of the actors. The actors felt like they were everywhere and they weren’t shy of getting in your face and touching you. The smallest detail has been thought off, from the words in the beginning speech to the construction of the building. It’s not a short attraction either, so you are in there a little while and the scares just came thick and fast. I came out shocked at what I had just experienced but there was no time to rest as it turns out it had one last surprise in store.

The third maze of the night was The Pogo Club. The outside doesn’t really reveal what the theme is and that’s a good thing. When you enter you are greeted by basically a strip club with a horny devil inside. She was funny and saucy and set the tone for what I assumed was the maze, a seedy club, but boy was I wrong. You go through to the next room, split up and then the maze reveals itself. I won’t spoil it as it’s such a clever reveal. The rest of the maze was an onslaught on actors who stalk and terrorise you throughout the attraction leading to its big chainsaw run out finale. It was such a fun attraction and the surprising twist, if you don’t know know before hand, would be really surprising.

Our last maze of the night was the second returning attractions Y.A.N.A Gate which has received a whole new story which is a sequel to last years version. The theming was just as good as last year and the actors started of so good. They were really going for it and scaring me and stalking me and even spraying me with water. It was constant until the end where unfortunately it felt like it could have been a bit more intense to stick to the rest of the vibe the maze have off. The ending wasn’t bad but it just perhaps needed a couple more actors but that being said the maze was really strong and we had a really good run through it.

Doncaster Fear Factory has four really high quality attractions and they should be incredibly proud of what they have created, especially in the two new attractions. The actors and staff were all incredible and it was just a joy to be back. Just get those toilets sorted.

For more information and to book tickets you can visit the Doncaster Fear Factory website.


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