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Dr Frights Halloween Nights-Horror World 2022

Our Slasher Review

On the 20th of October, we headed to Dr Frights Halloween Nights for their annual event, this time under the theme Horror World. The event features a photo opportunity on entry, the horror bar with live scare cams plus themed cocktails and chances for interaction with a selection of roaming characters. But the main reason for coming is of course the 4 scare mazes. Those being this year, House of Wax, Grindhouse in Wonderland, Monsters and Madmen and Killer Clowns of the Caribbean. Each of the mazes are crazy, warped and intense and it is down to this recurring high standard that we come back to Dr Frights year after year. Usually, this is where we put which maze was the strongest/weakest but all four were on point so there really wasn't a weak maze.

Top Tips - Buy the fast-track, it's only usually about £10 extra plus if the night is busy and you don't arrive early you might really need it.

Things that bite - The time between batching groups is very short, usually around 40 seconds.

Value for Money - Absolutely

Scare Rating - 5/5

Would we recommend - Whole heartedly YES

Our Stalker Review

So we have gone over the basics of Dr Frights, let's go over the mazes. and we shall start with The House of Wax. I Would just like to say straight away that the facade to House of Wax is stunning and really starts with the immersion kicking in. The story is that of wax museum entrepreneur Madame La'Trusse being convicted by the locals as a witch and sent to a fiery demise. Haunting the old exhibits sending her spirit into the waxworks and baying revenge on all who enter, and that includes us. From the moment of entering House of Wax, we knew we were in for a treat with some great effects being used from the get-go. The further we ventured into this creepy attraction the more the insane actors laid scares. Some come from completely unexpected locations which are something DrFrights does very well. And then we came to one of the creepiest and most unnerving areas I've seen in a scare maze for a long time, Wall to ceiling mannequins, arms, legs and heads everywhere in the added lighting of strobes. This area held some fantastic scares and will stay with us for a long time. The ending was a little mish-mash but I do put that down to us meeting the group ahead who were moving at a glacial pace.

Next up is Killer Clowns of the Caribbean, The Killer Clowns have made many an incarnation over the years from Spaceships, Supermarkets and most recently the party central of Ibiza. But this time keeping with the lost attraction's theme we are heading to the Caribbean. And boy did this attraction not disappoint! Just like previous attractions right from the starting point, there is just pure chaos and insanity. From the combination of pumping dance music and scores very close to a certain Disney franchise, to the mind-bending strobes and lasers around nearly every corner with frequent audio spiels documenting the "killing game" that the clowns are more than happy to oblige to be part of. The sets that you navigate are fantastic and really bring you into this crazed world and dominion of the clowns that Dr Frights have created so well. In true Killer Clowns fashion the further you enter the more you are lost in this psychedelic fever dream of colour, lights and screams. The scares came thick and fast with every clown in sight giving a stellar performance and keeping up with the energy of the attraction. Again sadly we met the group ahead but this didn't seem to be the fault of Dr Frights, but Rather the slow movement of the guests in front.

As this is a dual review, this next bit is written by Frankie!

Monsters and Madmen was an absolute stand out maze for me this year. I can genuinely say I got scares in this maze that I had never experienced before. I didn't even know I could scream like that! The Exorcist room was a stand out scene (Litterally floored me) and the chaotic finale had me sprinting for the exit. Absolutely incredible. I genuinely don't have any negatives to point out here.

And we finally move on to the fourth and final maze of the night. Grindhouse in Wonderland,Is another one of Dr Frights creative ideas, where the rednecks go to Wondeland and wreck havoc. The mashup of hillbillys, fairytale characters and a Disney soundtrack was brilliant. We partied our way through this maze , Our singing regularly interrupted by screams or laughter. Another excellent maze, Dr Frights you never let me down.

So there we have it a quick run down of four very strong attractions at Dr Frights Halloween World. We would like to give a huge congratulations to the entire cast and team for putting on such a strong and exemplary show. And we cant wait to see what the creatives come out with for next year.

Dr Frights has now finished it's 2022 run but if you would like to check out their website, you can do at the link below.

Review by Dan, Dane and Frankie


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