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Escape Reality - Jungala Review

Our trip to ERL was something that happened completely on the fly. We had just experienced 2 Rooms and was about to head home. Pagan then surprised us with a booking to another room, This time not horror but something that seemed more suited to the family market.

The description gave a note to a Jumanji style game which seemed promising, however other than the game board, this is as far as the Jumanji style theme seemed to extend to.

Jungala did feature more modern locks (directional-number pads-keys and combination Locks. The first room did admittedly feel like a room With an array of books, clocks etc but certain details seemed uncared for “the clock with no hands” yet was not part of a puzzle for that reason. I will say the puzzles that were in this first stage of the room were cleverly thought out and engaging. Sadly this leads to the biggest immersion killer I’ve ever faced in a game. In most situations, if you struggle on a puzzle you get some kind of audio hint from a radio, maybe a spirit from beyond or a walkie talkie. Jungala however and I fear also every room at ERL has the option of clicking a help switch on the wall where a member of staff will open the door, walk in and help you with the puzzle. But in doing so the immersion of the game is instantly destroyed. It no longer feels like your locked in. After completing this section of the game it was time to enter into Juman…I mean Jungala. Which was not a jungle at all but rather a blacklit holding area for jungle toys. Again the Puzzles were fun but seemed less fitting to this area of the room. Locks for the sake of Locks springs to mind. But we will give kudos for the little tablet thing that you are given to write down information.

Maybe it was down to the fact that we had just experienced 2 amazingly themed and immersive rooms that it took the edge off Jungala. But it has to be said as all in attendance agreed that it was a weak room with very basic theming. This does seem to be the curse of multiple located rooms as Jungala is available at many of their other locations , When I say many Escape Reality has rooms in Las Vegas , Dehli and even Dubai. Jungala is available in 12 Locations but that also means you are never promised the quality of what Jungala might be in say Dubai or Las Vegas at other locations. I know this review has come across somewhat negative but we do have a duty to review honestly.

I will say the staff at ERL were brilliant and helpful and the one saving grace was a hidden section in the room that honestly caught me by surprise and even made me jump slightly. Maybe Jungala might be the weaker of all the rooms on offer being a more family orientated game. Maybe going back to experience ENIGMISTA(Saw Theme) HOSTEL (Hostel Themed) or SAIRENTO (Silent Hill Themed) might change my mind. Id just hope that there is more of a link to the theme and name of the room than just a Jumanji board with the logo removed.

That it for this review

Thanks for reading

Dan, Dane and Pagan


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