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Fear at Avon Valley Review 2019

On Friday I took my first visit to Fear. I had heard so many wonderful things about this place so was very excited about visiting. We arrived about 6:30 and after a quick check in thanks to purchasing the Trixxie pass we entered. The moment you go past the ‘turnstile’ you are greeted by a huge clown face that you have to walk through. Inside is the fastest trummel I’ve ever seen. I ran through as I hate the bloody things.

The Vibe

Fear has a great array of entertainment. Their bar has a couple of attractions and a ViP section. The stage really stands out. It’s big and right in your face with it’s huge display screen. This is where the first show usually takes place. Unfortunately due to the weather the fire show wasn’t working with the fire, but luckily Chunk kept the crowds entertained! The roaming characters are great. The clowns in the main area and the two roamers by X4 and Vita Nova were amazing. Massive love for those two as they were awesome. Various catering outlets and fair ground rides are also about, so there really is something for everyone. After soaking in the atmosphere we did the mazes. Remember, we had purchased the Trixxie pass so we got unlimited fastrack entry.

Phobia: Rebirth

Probably the weakest of the five attractions. We really tried to enjoy this maze but it just kept falling flat. We did it four times and each run was just meh. It starts of really well, but the minute you actually enter the maze it slowly starts to get less and less good. At one point the actor is literally just sat in a chair and just watches you walk by. The only way he moves is if someone makes a joke about him being fake. On two runs he just sat there. We really feel this has so much potential to be great but it just didn’t deliver on the night. The concept is great, it’s just we could have been very very unlucky with our runs, which is a shame.

House Of Clowns

This maze is less scary but more fun. Starting with nan, this great photo opportunity is a great way to start. It’s so bizarrely random that it works. You then enter and you are greeted by some incredible colours. As you walk through the art by Kate Monroe really comes into its own. It’s absolutely stunning. The scares in this maze may be minimal but the scares that are in this are genuinely scary. The actors are able to also accommodate to anything that gets said or done by the people visiting. In one of the runs it was just us two and the actors really went for it and it felt very personal. The clown in the ‘flappy room’ gave us such a great performance. She cried because she scared us but then tagged along and guided us to the other actor who gave us a huge fright. Also credit to (the only way to describe him is big clown) who scared my brother making him say “Jesus Christ” and then continued to keep saying those two words as he followed us through the maze.

Anarchy Live

The concept on this maze is great. It’s intense with some brilliant scares. The minute you enter you are thrust into this high intensity game and you are immediately split. From the wooden maze to the chainsaw finale everything makes this attraction work. I can’t really say to much more about this maze without giving spoilers away, so I’m just going to leave it here.


Wow! I had no idea what to expect from this maze and it complete took me by surprised. It’s definitely the more theatrical maze the park has to offer. It’s sets are stunning and the scares are precise. There is one scene that completely boggles the mind and I genuinely have no idea how it’s done. I did however walk hard into a wall due to a real lack of lighting in one area. My fault entirely, but it still hurt. It’s genuinely such a great maze!

Vita Nova

If X4 is the theatrical maze, this is the freedom maze. It’s sets are simple, yet entirely effective. The use of lighting in this maze is gorgeous and the staff really do work hard to bring some special. We did 4 runs on this and the actors got so used to us they kept upping the treatment. Never has standing facing a wall been so fun. It’s intense, it’s confusing and it’s something special. It’s just fabulous!

Overall Fear offers a wide range of attractions, most of which have something great about them. We do feel that Phobia is slightly showing its age and needs to be updated but other than that, my first visit to this award winning scream park was incredible.

  • Tickets can be purchased from Fear’s Website

  • Open Tuesday – Saturday next week

  • Address is – Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park, Pixash Lane, Bath Road, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 1TP


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