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Fear at Avon Valley Review 2022

We were given free tickets to experience this year's Fear at Avon Valley. Whilst we were given the free tickets, we have full editorial control of what our review of the event says.

Our Slasher Review

Fear at Avon Valley returns with one new scare maze in The Core and one new scare experience in The Exorcism joining four returning mazes in Malefica, House of Clowns, X4 and Vita Nova. From side stalls to streetmosphere, the event has something for everyone. All the mazes were on top form and the scare experience was also really good. The team have pulled out all the stops to create another epic year.

Top Tips - Don't forget to try the axe throwing

Things That Bite - nothing

Value for Money - 100%

Scare Rating - 5/5

Do We Recommend - Hell Yes!

Our Stalker Review

The award winning Fear at Avon Valley is back and it’s bigger than ever with 5 scare mazes, including a new one for 2022, a new experience and lots of other activities. Located on Keynsham, near Bristol this event invited us down to check out everything they had on offer.  This is going to be a long review!

Let’s start with the atmosphere. It was raining cats and dogs when we first arrived but the heavy rain did not deduct from the atmosphere. It was buzzing and electric and everyone was having an awesome time. Around the event there is various side shows fits and activities including fair ground rides, a bottle smash (which I absolutely failed) food outlets, a bar and axe throwing. I had so much fun doing the axe throwing and it turns out I’m quite good at it, who knew. In the centre of the event is the stage where the stunning fire show happens. This years fire show is called the Titans of Terror. In stage are four circus related characters including the iconic Trixie and Chunk. The fire show is basically a battle royals between the characters of the mazes and every fire show has a different winner. What we learned after was that depending on who wins the show, roaming characters will dress up in costumes relating to that character/maze. It’s actually a really clever idea.

I’m going to start with the scare experience, The Exorcism. I had no idea what this was going to be but it turned out to be a show. As the name suggests. we are watching the exorcism of Emily Rose. As events unfold in this 12 minute experience it gets scarier and scarier. There is one moment that is just horribly amazing and It shocked me for all the right reasons. It won’t be to everyone’s taste but it’s worth seeing and experiencing, even if it’s just once.

Maze time and before I get into it I am going to say that I’m going to try to keep these spoiler free so they will be short. The  first of the night was Malefica. This maze absolutely nailed it last year and this year was no exception. It’s got beautiful theming inside and out. Batching was good and the actors were on top form, utilising every inch. The scares came thick and fast and I was pretty much always reacting to something.

My second maze of the night was House of Clowns. From the outside it doesn’t look like much but the minute you enter you are in a wonderland of bright sights and an addictive sound track, the actors are loud, in your face and grabby. The sets that this maze has is simple but the actors use them to their full advantage. The finale felt toned down compared to usual but it was still providing some good scares, especially when I went through later in the evening as just a two.

X4 was next and this maze always brings a bit of joy to my heart. The elevator scene felt like it was on steroids as it was people going for it. The actors thought the attraction were just everywhere and were going for all areas of the group. It’s a darker maze so the actors come out of no where. The scares were just constant and it was just really enjoyable.

Vita Nova was next for me and I love this maze. It’s camp, it’s chaotic and it just makes me smile so much. This maze isn’t about the sets but what it lacks it full on set pieces it more than makes up for with actors and intensity. From the moment you enter until you exit you are likely not going to see your friends. I pretty much was alone on every run. It did feel like the intensity had been toned down a little bit compared to previous years, or perhaps I’ve just become more immune.

The last maze of the night was The Core. This is a brand new attraction for 2022 and it’s just stunning. You start off by being given a pair of waders to put on. Once inside you find out why. This maze was dark, atmospheric, surprising and nerve wracking at the same time. It was less about the intensity and more about not knowing what was lurking in the darkness. The sets are absolutely beautiful and add to the whole experience of the attraction. It’s an attraction that is completely different to anything that is already in the UK.

It really is another really strong year for Fear at Avon Valley with every attraction just being top tier. Everything was just a joy to experience. I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff involved as well as all the actors.

For more information and to book tickets before they sell out you can visit the Fear at Avon Valley website.


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