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Fear At Avon Valley Review 2023

We were very kindly invited to this year's Fear at Avon Valley. Whilst we were given free entry to the event, we have full editorial control of what our review of the event says.

Slasher Review

At the weekend we were invited to Fear at Avon Valley. This event has 5 scare mazes and 1 scare attraction along with some food and side stalls. The mazes are really enjoyable and all completely different to each other. The atmosphere has an amazing autumnal vibe to it. The mazes are intense, highly themed and terrifying. The scares come thick and fast. My weakest maze of the night was X4 and my strongest was Vita Nova. The Exorcism is an immersive experience that just stuns and shocks the senses in the best possible way. The event is just stunning from start to finish and the actors and attractions are just phenomenal.

Top Tips - Watch the fire show and interact with the characters

Things that bite - Nothing

Value for money - 100% Yes

Scare Rating - 5/5

Do we recommend - Hell Yes!

Stalker Review

A cold Saturday evening and I was heading to just outside Bristol, to head to my second scare event of the year, Fear at Avon Valley. This event is usually one of the highlights of the scare season and this year I was super excited. We parked up and made our way into the event really quickly. What greeted us was full scary autumnal vibes and I was incredibly happy to be back. This year sees the same line up as last year but with some attractions having received some changes. The event has a really chilled atmosphere. There are roaming characters all over the place. From Trixie and Chunk the resident clowns to doctors and patients. The roaming team were on top form on Saturday. The interactions felt personal yet completely in character and we loved it. The food offering this year is small but the portion sizes are huge. I had a Dirty Clucker burger and it was massive. The game stalls around are also a lot of fun and definitely worth a go. Let’s move on to the mazes.

Warning potential spoilers ahead!

I’m going to start with X4. This maze in the past few years it has always been really intense and terrifying with some great moments. It had a long queue throughout the night so only managed one run and I was a bit disappointed if I’m honest. It felt tame to previous years. I also think it was actor swap over time as there wasn’t that many actors in my run. It was the weakest attraction of the night for me but I do believe that I just got unlucky and had a bad run as others I went with went through again whilst I had been dragged into Vita Nova but some roaming characters and they said he had a really good run. It’s a shame as I know how strong and horrific this attraction can be when it’s in top form.

Let’s move to House Of Clowns. There had been a couple of small changes in the attraction this year making it feel slightly refreshed again. Last year I said the actors were on one as they were intense but this year they were just as high energy and terrifying. The scares came thick and fast and the finale is a confusing overload for the senses with scares coming from every direction. It was ridiculous good fun.

Over at Malefica we saw the most changes. The maze has been reversed and a few new scenes have been added. It gave the maze a completely new feel too it and also made it disorientating as having been through before on its old route I was still expecting scares in the same places and they weren’t coming from the places I knew. The actors inside were on top form and once again those nuns were getting in positions that were both mesmerising and terrifying in equal measures. The new scenes work so well either narrative and really add to an already fantastic experience.

The Core arrived last year and brought waders to the uk scare industry in a big way. Once you’ve put them on you descend into the wet depths on the maze. It’s a gimmick but it is one that still brings a smile to my face as it’s just so weird having to walk through corridors of knee high water. The attraction felt like it had been given some new instructions as the scares came from both in and out the water with the water being used to deliver some scares too in the form of splashing. Whilst it’s not the scariest attraction it’s definitely one of the more atmospheric attractions at the event.

Finally we get to the maze of the night, Vita Nova. I swear this attraction just gets better and better. The scares came thick and fast from start to finish. It was intense, disorientating, funny, scary and I loved every single second of my time in the maze. The actors were on top form and delivered both scares and intensity in the right way. Run after run was just perfect.

Vita Nova may have been the maze of the night by the star of the night was The Exorcism. This immersive horror show is utterly mind blowing. It’s creepy, it’s intense, it’s edge of the seat stuff and it’s terrifying in all the best ways possible. It has a very small cast who shone so bright. Each of them brought their own unique characteristics and played the parts so convincingly well. It all builds and produces probably the best 10 minute experience of scare season. It really isn’t one to miss.

Overall Fear at Avon Valley have undoubtably got another fantastic year ahead. The whole event is a masterclass in scare and immersion and the scares come thick and fast from the moment you enter until the moment you leave. They put so much love and attention to detail into the events and you can just tell.

A massive thank you to Fear at Avon Valley for having us and for more information and to book tickets you can visit the Fear at Avon Valley website.


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