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Hallowscream at York Maze Review 2023

Slasher Review

Embarking on my long-awaited journey to Hallowscream at York Maze, I was instantly captivated by the spine-tingling atmosphere and the array of attractions that awaited me. The event boasted an impressive lineup of five heart-pounding mazes, each one more exhilarating than the last. From the intense and disorienting depths of The Singularity to the classic and eerie ambiance of The Flesh Pot, every step was a thrilling adventure.

Corny’s Cornevil, the clown maze, proved to be a delightful surprise, featuring a labyrinth of funhouse elements that sent chills down my spine. The creativity and attention to detail in Necropolis, the Egyptian-themed attraction, were unparalleled, making me feel like I was exploring a real tomb. And then there was 2073, a maze that started slow but steadily escalated into a nightmarish journey, complete with unexpected twists and terrifying encounters. The meticulously designed sets and the actors’ impeccable timing created an immersive experience that left me on the edge of my seat.

Hallowscream was not just a collection of haunted mazes; it was a masterfully crafted journey into the heart of fear and excitement. I left with a racing heart and a sense of exhilaration, grateful for the unforgettable night of scares, surprises, and sheer delight.

Top Tips: It can get busy so consider buying the fastrack ticket.

Things that Bite: Nothing

Value for Money: Yes very much so.

Scare Rating: 4/5

Do we recommend: Absolutely!

Stalker Review

Hallowscream at York Maze had always been on my must-experience list, and this year, I seized the opportunity to visit. The event boasts an impressive array of things to do, including five adrenaline-pumping attractions, a shop, a food court, lively bar area, and some fairground rides. Adding to the dynamic ambiance, there was a stage and intriguing roaming characters, ranging from a playful monkey with symbols to the enigmatic Lil' Dribble. The event's immersive atmosphere was elevated by the diverse cast of roaming characters.

Our first attraction of the night was The Singularity. This was an intense attraction with some really great scares. The maze just seemed to go on forever and it was non stop from start to finish with actors really using the spaces extremely well. The maze is extremely disorientating and you are never quite sure where you are in the best way.

Our second attraction of the night was The Flesh Pot. This butchers shop themed maze gave us the good ole classic “here piggy piggy”. The sets were really good and there were some great scares. The scene where the butchers tell you to get closer has a very sneaky surprise. It is a very good attraction with some really great elements but it was the weakest amongst the attractions on offer simply because all the others were just so strong.

Next up was Corny’s Cornevil, their clown maze. It’s the most funhouse a clown maze has been that I’ve experienced and I really enjoyed it. From uneven floors to classic shrinking hallways, this clown maze has everything you’d find in a fun house. The scares were hilariously terrifying with scares coming from everywhere. It’s a simple set as such but it works effectively and the actors really utilise the craziness.

Our penultimate attraction of the night was 2073. This is by far their longest attraction and what an attraction. It started off incredibly slow. We saw not many actors and it was just a crate maze but the further you go in the more the story unravels and the more terrifying it gets. The actors got stronger as you descending further in. They brought the right level of intensity in scenes whilst also being utterly terrifying. They were able to control the group sizes throughout the maze and it all builds into an ending I wasn’t expecting and an ending that actually really works in a dark twisted way.

Our last maze of the night was Hallowscream newest attraction Necropolis. This is an Egyptian themed attraction, a theme that I personally haven’t seen in the Uk scare industry before and I was intrigued by it. The sets throughout this attraction are beautiful. A lot of attention to detail has been done and it shows that this maze was built with love and care. It’s been designed in such a way that it feels like you’re exploring a tomb and all its passageways. It’s not the scariest attraction but the scares it has got really go for it and are really terrifying.

The variety of attractions, from intense mazes like The Singularity to the funhouse clown maze Corny’s Cornevil, provided a thrilling experience. The attention to detail in the sets of Necropolis and the unexpected twists in 2073 added to the excitement. The roaming characters and the overall atmosphere must have made it a memorable night

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