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Luna Springs Meltdown Review 2023

Top Tips - if you can, have someone else drive so you can enjoy the cocktails 😈

Things that bite - my only criticism would be that I heard “get out!” maybe one too many times during the attraction, but that’s me nitpicking!

Value for money - absolutely!!! Just make sure you have enough time to enjoy the venue and grab some food afterwards.

Scare Rating - 4/5

Do we recommend - 100%!!!!

We were super excited when we were invited to experience the brand new Meltdown at Luna Springs, an immersive scare attraction about a man called Victor and his ghastly experiments.

Instantly upon arrival I was impressed with the location. Having never visited Luna Springs before, I was blown away by the atmosphere right away. As we ventured in I was further impressed by the incredible selection of food on offer.

There were two roaming actors outside and both of them were amazing! There was a very funny cat lady in her dressing gown and slippers who was searching for her missing cat and wanted our help (side note, you will find the cat but it’s best to pretend that you didn’t). Then there was a protestor who was carrying a sign that said ‘FUCK VICTOR!’ who gave us a lot of back story (we found out she was actually Victor’s daughter). She was fantastic at interacting with guests and answering our questions.

The attraction itself was absolutely wonderful. I didn’t know what to expect and went in with no expectations and honestly, I was absolutely blown away. The sets were beautiful, the scripted scenes were lengthy and delivered perfectly, every single scene involved guest participation and there were so many little quirks throughout! I was so so impressed. We came out with our jaws on the floor, none of us had anticipated such an intense, immersive attraction in a club spot in Birmingham!

Incredible work, Meltdown was truly unique and I was thoroughly impressed. Theatrical attractions are my favourite and this one was done VERY well.

For more information or to book tickets you can visit the Luna Springs Meltdown website!


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