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New Scares, Same Fear

Fear at Avon Valley has always been an outstanding event during scare season so we were blown away when they sent us a little press box containing some creepy goodies to promote one of their two new attractions coming in 2022. But they also sent us a lot of information about the events too, so in this blog post we are essentially going to celebrate and essentially promote Fear at Avon Valley.

Before we go into the nitty gritty about their new attractions, lets look at their returning mazes. Returning in 2022 will be Vita Nova, X4, House of Clowns and the new for 2021 maze Malefica. This does mean that Anarchy Live has left the event. In 2021, all this maze absolutely blew us away and you can find our review here. The mazes were superbly acted and brought utter terror to everyone who passed through their doors and the park just seemed to have got everything right. But it would appear that Fear had some things lurking in the shadows and this year it would appear they are going above and beyond.

This year will see the park add one new scare maze and one upcharge scare experience to the line up. We currently don't know a huge amount about the new scare maze other than this:

"After the fall of the UK Government and years of national civil unrest, the New World Order has risen and the Republic of England stands victorious. But in the shadows a rebel alliance has formed, hiding on the edge of society. Biding their time. Waiting to fight back… But the enemy comes in many different forms and nowhere is safe. The New World Order trilogy continues in this brand new, exhilarating second chapter of the story."

What is interesting is that this will technically be a sequel to X4 but a prequel to Vita Nova given its being described as the second chapter of the story with X4 being described as the first and Vita Nova being described as the final chapter, so will this attraction tell the story of how we went from observing the future of modern warfare to the Vita Nova programme. I guess we will have to wait and see.

The new upcharge attraction the scream park will be offering this year is The Exorcism. Here is the official description of this new attraction:-

"The suffering begins… Put your faith to the test and face the demon within, as you participate in The Exorcism. Not for the faint of heart, this unique immersive experience is unlike anything seen at FEAR at Avon Valley Scream Park before. Combining thrilling theatrical techniques, guests will be placed in the heart of the story and battle to save the soul of Evelyn Grace."

The description says a couple of small things that have peaked our interest that's for sure. An immersive experience that's not for the faint heart that combines theatrical elements and guests in the heart of the story, yes please Fear. Its not currently known how much this upcharge attraction will cost but once we know we let you guys know.

Fear at Avon Valley will be open for its biggest season ever on the 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd and 25th - 31st October and they have four ticket types on offer ranging in price from £35 - £150. Also on offer on the 23rd October will be a FEARless, a new event that is aimed at 10-15 year olds and those of a nervous disposition. More details on this will follow soon. Tickets are now available to purchase for this years events and you can do this and see more information about the event over on the Fear at Avon Valley website.


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