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Pasaje Del Terror -Blackpool-2022

On a cold, wet and windy Sunday 13th of February, After an equally moist day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, we decided to carry on the scares of the weekend with Blackpools famous Pasaje Del Terror. Now it has to be said unlike a lot of others, we had yet to experience the god level run through this scare attraction. Maybe in the past, it was the timing or the fact we were in a bigger group but something always seemed to be missing from Pasaje that everyone else raved about, that was until today.

Our fun started outside the attraction which despite the weather, the greeter if you would like to call her that was roaming in pure creepy fashion, staring people out and waving at Dane constantly after he waved at her once. We got our tickets and headed into the queue, here is the next thing we wanted to praise Pasaje for and that is batching, this time around it was just our group of 5 and although there was a 5/10 minute wait before entering, the gap between groups is heavily appreciated. After a short wait, it was time to enter down the infamous steps into the dark of Pasaje Del Terror.

Spoilers Ahead - Read at your own risk

Lined up against the wall our trip into darkness began with the intro speech, our only critique of the entire show is this scene, maybe the audio was a little loud or the actor was a little less projected but it was somewhat straining to hear the narrative, but what we did hear worked. This was then followed up by the first big scare of the attraction, yes we knew it was coming but it was done with so much force it made us all jump out of our skin. We will confess now that the order of the rooms has somewhat failed our memory so we will pull the scenes that were the most memorable. Pasaje is such a mixed bag of themes and styles that everyone will get something for their tastes, Be it the creepy gothic dungeons and swamps, the circus/freakshowesque clown scenes to the big rooms dedicated to the horror movies. Be it classics such as The Exorcist with a full bed scene that caught the entire group off guard or Halloween where Michael Myers stood staunch in the corridor which lead to one of the fastest light assisted moves we've ever seen in a maze that left the group running. Pasaje doesn't just cater to classics but the new age of horror too, With features from The Nun, Saw and we think even modern Pennywise but that could be our minds playing tricks on us. Up to this point, every actor was on their A-Game and no one was a loose link to the team and with the finale looming ahead the infamous chainsaw was no exception. This actor gave you everything you want from a chainsaw run and more and before long Dan felt the group crashing into his back as the rest of the group scrambled for the exit. We all left applauding Pasaje Del Terror, it had finally lived up to the hype and we couldn't have been happier.

We would like to thank all the amazing team at Pasaje Del Terror, it was the perfect end to our long weekend and we can't wait to visit again.

If you would like to book tickets for Pasaje Del Terror then you can do at this link.

Until next time PSG Signing out.


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