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Psycho Path 2021 Review

The Slasher Review

One Sunday we finally managed to get to Psycho Path in Consett in the North East. They offer four attractions in Psycho City, Cornered, I-Scream and Isolation. Cornered was the highlight of the event with Isolation being the weakest. They have just added two dates in November.

Top tip for the event: Wear suitable footwear.

Things that bite: The queue times for Isolation can be long!

Value for money: Yes

Scare Rating: 4.5/5

Do we recommend: Hell Yes


The Slasher Review

Psycho Path was on the agenda for Sunday evening and I was so very excited about visiting, and when we arrived I was not disappointed. We were greeted by the Hollywood sign inspired Psycho Path sign right in front, We turned round the corner and entered the event through the devil's mouth. We checked in, got our wristband were greeted by photo points, food stalls and a whole mini festival inside this building. My mouth dropped. The stage has an act on it every 30-45 minutes and there is a range of performers from fire artists to magicians. The queue for Psycho City is also in this hub like building, as well as I-Scream, so we decided to head for this Psycho City first.

Psycho City is actually an outdoor attraction despite queueing inside for it. You walk around what feels like a junkyard with some other buildings along the walk. We actually did this attraction twice. Our first run through was hindered by some really bad other guests and we ended up getting sandwiched between a slow moving group and a fast moving group of teenage girls and boys which made our first run really terrible for scares, so it became a bit of a walk through with not much happening. However, our second run which happened towards the end of the night was spectacular. There wasn't a queue and we were let straight in and we were bombarded with actors. They were physical, they were intense, it was sheer perfection. There scares were on point and at some points extremely terrifying. Our group of four was seperated half way through and we ended up doing quite a lot alone and every time we caught up with each other we were seperated again. The actors were so on point on this run that the previous run had been completely forgiven because it was just that great.

Our second attraction of the night was one of the two new for 2021 attractions, Cornered. This corn maze was grown for Psycho Path and boy was it amazing. By far the strongest attraction of the night for us. Again we did this twice. Our first run was high energy, terrifying and intense, all with well timed scares and intense actors. The actor interaction on our first run was perfect too. The corn is at the perfect height so you can't see anything so nothing gets spoiled and the mix of open areas in the corn and the tight corridors of the sheds and other buildings come together to create a very special attraction. Our second run, again towards the end of the night was phenomenal. The actors intensity was at 1000. They really went for it and it was hideous, in a good way. I have never screamed and jumped so much in an outdoor maze before. The actors also started to use our names a lot after hearing them so it just felt far more personal. It was fabulous and I can't fault any part of this attraction and I just so sincerely hope it returns in 2022.

Next up for I-Scream, the events clown themed attraction. Clowns, to me, aren't scary so I was a bit apprehensive entering this one as I was hoping it wouldn't be the same as some as the other clown themed ones I had done and luckily it wasn't. It was more intense, more scary and definitely more hands on. It is simple in its design and its sets are quite simple but they are used in a way that is just perfect. The flappy section is colourful, claustrophobic but difficult to see through so the scares aren't ruined. The crate maze section is intense and the actors here like to tickle. I was corned and then tickled back to the beginning of the crate section. The white room was terrifying and you genuinely couldn't see any further than your hands. This maze was just an utter delight to go through and had the perfect balance between fun and scary and it felt like the other clown attractions I've done could take note.

Last up for us was Isolation, the second attraction that is new for 2021. It is an attraction you do on your own. You get placed behind one of four doors and sent in to experience to the terrors alone. We queued 45 minutes for this. I was put behind door 1. I went in and was greeted by a very long corridor full of mannequins with strobe lights flashing. As i ventured along this corridor I cam across three actors. It felt like they did the bare minimum. They just kind of hid behind the mannequins and it just fell really flat. I came out kind of disappointed with what I had experienced, I won't lie. I went with three other friends who got put behind doors 2 and 4. Door 2 had a toxic like theme to it with barrels. She met about four actors who weren't intense and lacked any real interaction. It was pretty simple ans basic, like with door 1. Door 4 didn't have any theme as such but he did get called a pig. It was dark but had about 3 actors, one of which basically led him about. He got forcefully put on the ground and the actors were more interactive in this corridor. Unlike Door 1, it had direction changes as well as height changes. From what we could work out, Door 3 had a dentist/hospital theme to it. I think the problem with Isolation is that it had big ideas but it just felt poorer in quality compared to the other three attractions. If it had been as intense and as hands on as the other attractions at the event than I think it would have had some legs but at the moment it is the weakest attraction on offer.

For what is essentially still a newish event, Psycho Path is spectacular and I can fully see why the event has quickly become such a huge event. It was scary, intense and had some amazing attractions. I want to say a huge thank you to the actors at Psycho Path for making it such an amazing evening and I can't wait to come back next year. Psycho Path is open for a few more dates with its last date being November 5th. More information can be found on the Psycho Path website.

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