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Psycho Path 2022 Review

Our Slasher Review

Psycho Path is made up of 5 scare mazes and one experience. The mazes are all highly detailed with a mix of scares and humour. A couple lacked any real finale scene. The roaming characters and hub area were alive and had a great vibe. There were some issues which we go into in detail at the beginning at our stalker review.

Top Tips - It can get very muddy very quickly.

Things that bite - Batching is by far the biggest issue.

Value for Money - Yes

Scare Rating - 4/5

Would we recommend - Yes

Our Stalker Review

One of my favourite events of 2021 was Psycho Path so of course I was going to return and this time fork out to skip the queues many times with their vip package, but was the price worth it?

Before I get into the main bulk of the review for the attractions on offer I have to get a couple of things of my chest. Firstly, this review will not contain a review for Thunder Dome because it closed an hour early and there was no prior warning that this could happen and due to the nature of the attraction we had on purpose left it late. Obviously I am aware that events have the right to close attractions at any time but I just wanted to explain why there would be no review for it. The second thing I need to say is that the staff were abrupt and quite rude. There were multiple times I was spoken to in this manner by security, bar staff and even by batching staff. The third thing I have to get of my chest is that this was the first event where I’ve actually been refused entry into a maze for carrying a turned off,  cap on camera. I was told 4 times by staff within 10 minutes of entering the event that I can’t take pictures in the mazes, which is something I never do anyway, but it got to the point where I went and put my camera in the car just because I was fed up with the way the staff were treating me like a criminal and even refusing me entry into the attractions for even just carrying one when everyone has a smart phone. The last thing I need to mention is the batching. It was horrendous. 45 seconds is not enough time to get anywhere quick enough and in every attraction in every run we did we ended up sandwiched between two other groups because of the batching. Now with those out the way let’s talk about the rest of the event.

The event has a hub area that it just great. There is so much going on, from roaming characters to stage entertainment, it’s all providing a atmosphere. One thing about Psycho Path that is really awesome is the vast array of food and it’s all quite delicious (even if a couple of stands closed by 9:30). There is also a variety of fair ground rides and photo points scattered throughout the event too. Now let’s get into the mazes.

First up let’s talk Psycho City, the dystopian city wasteland attraction. Because of this theme there is plenty of abandoned vehicles and containers that the actors use to their full advantage. It has well timed scares and the actors were just bonkers. There were actors everywhere and they used every space including the floor. It really is quite a simple yet immersive attraction that just works well and provides a variety of different scares. It was on par with the madness of last year and despite the rocky start on this attraction with the camera issues, I still enjoyed it.

Next up for our little group was I-Scream the events take on a clown maze. It starts of in a traditional style with a proper clown like vibe but as you walk further in the brightness turns dark and it becomes a twisted take on a clown maze. It had a lot of actors using every available space, including on top of vans, to try and scare guests and even resorted to water pistols. Unfortunately this year it felt like it lacked any real ending as it kind of just ended. I just needed one last big scare and it would have been utterly perfect.

One of my favourite attractions from the 2021 season was Cornered, the events corn maze, so I was very excited to get back into it and boy it did not disappoint. The scares literally come out of no where and it’s a good 15 minute barrage of nervousness and utter terror as you walk through the corn. The actors seemed to have free reign to be anywhere in this maze so they stalked and attacked. The indoor sections were just as intense and terrifying and although the actors were working their hardest, batching meant that the majority of the scares missed our group, which is a shame. I could see others getting scares and being terrified so I know that this maze can be incredibly scary but they just weren’t landing for me personally.

The penultimate attraction in this review is the new for 2022 Cut Throat Island their pirate themed attraction. Firstly, wow! That boat is incredible. So detailed and just wow! The rest of the maze in comparison felt a bit under themed compared to that ship but it was still quite immersive. The actors were sarcastic and were very good at using their spaces well. It wasn’t the scariest maze but it was just fun. Again, this attraction lacked any real finale but that being said I did enjoy the attraction.

Lastly it’s Isolation. This is the events solo attraction. This attraction has four doors and you get put in front of a door and you go through on your own. Our group did all four doors between us and each was completely different. I personally did door 2 which was a dark, industrial like walkthrough that was actually quite scary. I also did door 3, which is the door that rarely gets used. It’s not like the other rooms and I really enjoyed it. It was humorous than scary but it was still quite unnerving.

Overall the mazes are beautiful attractions and all provide different styles of scares. Some needed that last big finale but the mazes weren’t weak because of it and despite the issues mentioned at the beginning of the review it was still a good night.

For more information you can visit the Psyco Path website!

Written by Dom


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