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RUN by The Great Escape Room Sheffield Review

We had just come off another win with The Devils Playground and it was time to face our next scary challenge RUN. Classed as a level 2 scare room, however as we would soon find out, creepy and spooky can soon translate to scary very quickly especially when left in the dark. Our games master for Run was our main man Lee, we were wondering if our gracious host would be our games master soon and we are so glad he was. He did the role fantastically giving clues without "hand-holding", Not that Tori or Beth did so either. That's one thing we really commend The Great Escape Room does so well, they give you a chance to actually solve the puzzles and when they do give a clue it still doesn't give the answer away fully. The story of RUN is a more spooky tale compared to Abducted or The Devils Playground. We had found ourselves at an abandoned, derelict building 1 hour from midnight in the middle of a storm. We were now trapped in this house and had to find the secrets to free the children's spirits trapped within. Blindfolded we walked in a fashion we are all accustomed to into the darkness for our briefing then it was time for the game to start...

Potential spoilers ahead-Read at your own risk

At first glance, Run is quite a deceptive game with just a single gated hallway as your starting location but beware there are a few rooms ahead and you don't want to get behind and caught in a fluster. The first room contains a small number of puzzles but if you don't explore you will find yourself stuck wasting time quickly, the puzzle that follows is a beautifully engineered yet simple challenge that was a lot of fun to work out and complete. I will say this now if you like The Attic at Alton Towers you will love the theme of Run, especially that first hallway, its a Shining example of what a haunted house game should start like and we all appreciated its subtlety and theme, Not overdoing with props but just enough to immerse you into the story. The second room contains some well-hidden puzzles and some fun collectables, again make sure you are looking everywhere as some of the tasks are very well hidden. The next room is where the game can start getting challenging with a few devious tasks to complete, again this room is beautifully themed with all attention to detail and some great surprises too. The final room is your make or break of the game and also where we found out if we could escape in 5 minutes we would take the number one spot on the leader board, No pressure!!. This room consists of a couple of puzzles and an absolutely beautiful set piece that you will not miss, Honestly, you want to succeed to this part of the game just to see this stunning final room. We suggest you have one main person dealing with the final puzzle as it can be quite confusing but in all the best ways. Knowing the clock was ticking down we finished the final task with a fantastic audio payoff that really made you feel like you had achieved something, which was great with the narrative of the story. We might not be in the top spot but we did place 3rd which is an achievement in itself with a time of 30:13.

Another game down and it was starting to clearly show that high standards and consistency run hand in hand with The Great Escape Game.Thank you to Lee for an incredible game and once again to the entire amazing team. On leaving Run we did spot a highly themed airlock door leading to another game... but did Lee convince us to get Submerged?

If you want to book The Great Escape Game-Sheffield you can do so at this link

Until next time PSG Signing out.


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