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Satan’s Slammer Devilution 2022 Review

Our Slasher Review

We recently visited Satan's Slammer to experience Devilution. We went in with no knowledge and loved everything about it. It was the perfect mix of terrifying and hilarious with a disorientating finale.

Top Tips - Prepare to be separated from your group!

Things That Bite - People taking advantage of being allowed to film/take pictures in the attraction.

Value for Money - On arrival I thought it was on the pricey side, but after coming out I can see why!

Scare Rating - 4.5/5

Do We Recommend - 100%, over and over!

Our Stalker Review

Emma and I spontaneously decided to go visit Satans Slammer last weekend. Neither of us had ever visited before and we went in totally blind. Arriving on the farm, we could hear screaming and other bizarre noises coming from the giant barn, doing wonders for our nerves. We made our way to the bar where we purchased tickets and were put into a cage to await our time.

We loved that we were able to take pictures during the experience (we got some great ones) but unfortunately some people take advantage of that being allowed, filming the entire time and playing up to their own camera.

Upon entry we found ourselves with a group who unfortunately took away from our experience, filming with their phone torches on and being very rowdy. Although it was still a wild ride for us, the wonderful staff said that they would put us through again, just the two of us!

We can now honestly say that Satan's Slammer is up there with our all time favourites. We have never experienced anything else like it. Nightmare inducing visuals (special mentions to the gorilla in the tunnel and the man with lights for eyes), assisting a man in shaving his face with a chainsaw, sitting in a bath with a half naked man baby and the most bizarre, disorientating finale! We were constantly switching between being absolutely terrified and laughing until we couldn’t breathe.

All in all it was perfect, we genuinely can’t pick out any negatives. The actors went above and beyond, the sets and props were stunning and the staff were lovely.

Satans Slammer is a place truly full of talent. Despite it being pure chaos, we were impressed that it also had a solid, well thought out narrative drawing on the name ‘deviloution’ that all the characters that we encountered added to! We are definitely going to visit again before the season is over and we would highly highly recommend everyone else get down there too!

For more information and to book tickets you can visit the Satan's Slammer website.

Review written by Frankie and Emma


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