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Scream Aloud Review 2021

We were given two free tickets to experience this years Scream Aloud. Whilst we were given the free tickets, we have full editorial control of what our review of the event says.

The Slasher Review

Scream Aloud in Lymington opens for just four nights at the end of October. It is a linear style attraction with three mazes. The scares in the actual mazes may not be that scary but the roaming characters are what make this event enjoyable. It had so much potential and we can’t wait to see what happens with this event!

Top tip for the event: Make sure you interact with the roaming characters in the big top

Things that bite: Its very muddy

Value for money: Yes

Scare Rating: 2/5

Do we recommend: Yes


The Stalker Review

Last week were we kindly invited along to experience Scream Aloud in Lymington. The event has been running for a couple of years now but I only found out about it at the end of the 2019 Halloween season and as it’s a relatively local event for me I was gonna make sure I visited In 2021.

We pulled up to the event and were greeted by a really happy parking marshall. He was dancing around and was just so happy. He guided us to a spot and then we walked up the muddy field to the event. There was quite a few fair ground rides outside the main big top along with a food van. Inside the big top was a bar, the main queue to enter the attractions. There is plenty of entertainment. In the queue there is a roaming actor with a chainsaw who also likes to gross out guests by hammering a nail up his nose. There is also a dj and also some fire artists. You will also very likely see the fabulous Miss Fannie Burns who I will return to later. We queued about 20 minutes to get in to the attractions. On offer were Nocturnal, Funhouse and Ward13. It’s a linear event so you go through the attractions in a set order. We entered the route as a group of 6. We trudged along the field and entered the first attraction Nocturnal.

We entered the woods and followed the path. The whole walk takes about 30 minutes of weaving up and down and around the trees. This is where things took a slight turn I won’t lie. There was no clear definition of the different attractions. It honestly felt like it was just one long walk through the woods where you’d meet a couple of characters and actors. The problem we found is that a lot of the actors were just resetting their position as our group arrived and by the time we got to Ward 13 we had reached a couple of groups ahead of us who had all bungled together. The event wasn’t scary for us but given it’s a local event, they seemed to love it. Many times we saw people laughing and screaming and it was awesome to see and we could tell that a lot of hard work and passion had been put into the event. I want this event to do better and better every year, especially as it’s my local so I really hope they take what they are learning and use it to keep growing as an event.

As mentioned above I want to get back to Miss Fannie Burns. As amazing (and as gross) as the other roaming character was, Miss Fannie is without doubt the star of Scream Aloud. She has firmly become one of my favourite characters at any event I’ve visited this year. She is given her own area in the big top but she is cheeky and doesn’t stay there and is the perfect hostess. She makes everyone feel welcome and her comic timing and wit is just superb.

Overall Scream Aloud is a great local event and one that will continue to grow. It may not be the scariest or have the biggest budget but you can tell everyone involved does it because they love doing it. Scream Aloud is now finished for the season but you can find more information on the Scream Aloud website.


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