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Scream Camp 2021

Scream Camp, the award-winning scare event finally returned after a 2-year break due to Covid and we were lucky enough to get a few spots on the first show of the season. Arriving at 8 o'clock we took our Covid tests which were required to be done in your cars and you wouldn’t be allowed out until they came back negative. Scream Camp is a full-contact show and precautions were taken to make everyone feel safe. This addition was a well thought out plan and made us all feel at ease that the safety was being kept in check. In the 30 minutes we waited for the tests to do their thing we witnessed the Evil Twins do a terrible job at a car wash as well as ‘borrowing’ a campers car and going on a joyride. It was hilarious to watch and we don’t think we have ever laughed that much before an event. After the results were in (Negative) we were taken to a cabin for the briefing, to sign waivers and hear about the health and safety of the event. Once the paperwork was taken care of it was time to head down to camp.

We were greeted by the lovely Tracey who walked us down to camp as we passed some stunning views and some lovely horses all whilst having a very detailed explanation into Tracey’s marriage, kids and home life. As we arrived in camp we were greeted by Lola, a carefree energetic sibling of Tracey who seemed over excited to see the campers. Joining Lola and Tracey in camp was the adorable camp dog, a Neapolitan Mastiff by the name of Winston. We chose our tents and then kind of just chilled to begin with. After a short icebreaker (What’s your name and where do you come from kind of thing) the story started. The Evil Twins aka Flippy and Floppy were officially introduced to the camp in the funniest way possible. It works so well and causes chaos in the best possible way. It was full of many innuendo’s and adult reference including Tracey’s wizard sleeve. After the twins were introduced and Tracey had her huff it was time to be put into teams. Dan was on Team Tracey and Dom and Dane on Team Lola. Team Lola gave each other nicknames. The twins had one last surprise in store for some random campers. They gave them random inanimate objects that they had to keep hold of all night. Dom was given a pink fluffy duster. As the night progressed Lola sits us down to learn all about Charlie Howell, his family and The Ritual which was a previous Halloween special put on by the team back in 2019. We also learned about the true reason for our being at camp. To potentially join a cult!

As darkness hit and our defences were low after a team game and marshmallows around the fire, lights were spotted on the hill up from camp with a warning issued "Security Breach!" We were rushed into our tents, told to zip them up, stay quiet and turn off any lights. Due to the impact of this moment it's best not to say what happens here however what can be said is the comedy of the twins is long gone and this where the night takes its first dark turn. After the insanity of this scene we emerged from our tents to realise not all the campers were now with us, a fate we would all soon share.

The event is still running so we aren’t going to go into any details of what happens next except that there are 3 challenges, each of which are designed to push your limits in a different way be it physically or mentally and each challenge is completely different. The first task was one of strength, agility and determination that left us still feeling the results a day after the show. This challenge in particular really pushed physical limits and was a great way to start the proceedings. The first encounter with the The Boss is one you will not forget. It was the perfect mix of intensity and terror. He has this ability to make you know he’s in charge but also encourages you to want to do better. After a short wait back in camp it was time for the second challenge which is not accessed by foot, Again no spoilers, just hold on tight. Dom has really bad motion sickness so they made a simple change for him that allowed him to participate in challenge 2. This challenge was more general fear of the unknown and a common fear that many people share which was used to a great dark delight. Sound can really make the difference when hooded, Just remember to smile. Dom was also punished for having this special treatment and returned to camp drenched as well as being forced to apologise to the whole group for being weak. The final challenge of the night is a test of trust, bravery and mental strength that will really make you question how much you can give yourself over to The Boss. Listen to his instructions and do what he says, We can't stress this enough. What I will say about challenge 3 is everyone came back to camp in the strangest, sombre mood and when you’re going last to every challenge it really sets the tone. The team they have are incredible and each member brought something different to the table enabling a fully immersive experience with individuality in each character. It felt like there was a path the characters had to follow but they had the freedom to do it how they saw fit which allowed for a lot of banter. It’s the same for all the characters really. They push the right buttons to bring out the best in you just when you need it.

Back in camp the car lights appeared again at the top of the hill, The Murderers were back but this time coming for the safety of the camp. We are aware that there was meant to be one final task at this point but due to a guest illness this didn’t occur. All the actors and team reacted quickly and we can't praise them enough for dealing with the situation in such a professional manner. The entire team came out of character to reassure other guests while medical help was being attended.

Scream Camp is nothing like either of us has ever done before and it completely met and exceeding all our expectations in every single way. We have nothing but praise for this event and the team behind it. You guys sent us on an emotional journey that we will never forget and pushed the boundaries of what we both thought we were capable off and you did it all whilst making us laugh and smile. One thing is for sure we both would go back to Scream Camp in a heartbeat. It is a one of a kind show that merges comedy with sheer fear that pushes you to your limits. If you’re feeling brave enough, book your ticket and take on a night in camp for yourself.

There are still some tickets left for this years Scream Camp. For more information and to book tickets you can visit the Scream Camp Website.


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