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Scream Factory 2022 Review

We were given free tickets to experience this year's Scream Factory. Whilst we were given the free tickets, we have full editorial control of what our review of the event says.

Our Slasher Review

Located in Redcar lies Scream Factory. This linear style event takes you through multiple areas including a mine, circus and even a Stranger Things inspired area. The scares came thick and fast and the actors were bouncing of the walls. It was intense and terrifying as you wander around great sets.

Top Tips - We recommend the isolation package

Things that bite - Nothing!

Value for money - Yes

Scare Rating - 5/5

Do we recommend - Hell Yes!

Our Stalker Review

Where to begin with Scream Factory. Located near Redcar, this linear style scare event has always been of high quality and this year we were kindly given tickets to experience an Isolation run of this event meaning it was just the three of us in our group. Knowing from other people how intense it can be in a smaller group I was nervous.

Warning: potential spoilers ahead

We queued up at the beginning of the night and were let in quite quickly. We were assigned a cage and locked in. The actor then just stood there staring at us before running his fingernails across the wall. The noise alone was horrific and it set the tone for the rest of the night. We were let in and our journey begun with the The Abattoir section. The scars came thick and fast and all of our group of three were screaming and cowering in the corners. It was a very strong start for scares and the set pieces were great. We were in this section for what felt like forever but we eventually found our escape and went through the long fog tunnel to Meat The Mechanics.

The mechanics were on top form. They were sarcastic, intense and were scaring the crap out of us from every angle. Near the end of the area there was an unexpected scare from a dog person and I let out a noise that I’ve never made. We found our way to the end of the area and was greeted by an elevator. It was time to descend into The Cursed Mine. It was dark, it had tight corridors and it was just 5/10 minutes of absolute hell. The scares came from the darkness so you couldn’t brace for them. You were just at the mercy of the miners and they let you know it.

After the miners we found ourselves in a church (I think. The scares were just constantly coming that i genuinely don’t remember the order or the scenes between the mechanics and the garden). The nuns were loud and didn’t want us there. We walked through the rooms and went through the laundry room which has probably one of my favourite scares for both how terrifying it is but also for how amazing the costume is. I won’t spoil it but it’s brilliant. We encountered a saucy vicar and some more nuns before we found our way into the Garden of Lost Souls.

This part of Scream Factory hasn’t  changed from last year. It’s still the gentle break before the last three scare zones, the first of which you encounter being their new Stranger Things inspired area and holy god it’s amazing. Like with the rest of the attraction the sets are phenomenal. The attention to detail and the way you go from the real world to the upside down is simple yet effective. The actors use the space throughout incredibly well and the scares and well timed and aimed at the whole group. I also loved the musical reference in a sloped room. There are references to all the series and it just worked so well. You exit into their Purge inspired area and I think for me personally this was a highlight. There was only 3 actors in this section but they hated us. They got in our face, they separated us and they were swinging bats and all sorts what felt like was millimetres from our faces. I’ve never been so on edge and nervous about what was going to happen and it was the perfect mix of intensity whilst being fun. They event chased us towards the last attraction, their clown maze, Carnevil of Carnage.

I love a good clown maze and this one was  just as fun as I remember. Immediately we were superheated and sent down two different corridors which had a great use of a drop panel. We met up moments later to be teased and laughed at by the clowns within resulting in a moist finale with some water pistol happy clowns. And just when you think you’re done for the day and heading out the attraction, round the corner hides the chainsaw guy.

Honestly, Scream Factory was a personal highlight of my scare season this year. It was terrifying, intense, immersive and utterly brilliant. The team should be so proud of what they put on this year and I’m already excited for next year and I can not recommend enough.

We know this review is coming out after events have ended but you can still look at the website and keep an eye out for announcements for their event next year!

Review Written By Dom


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