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Station X at Time Trap Reading Review

Our fourth and final room of our Escape Trip on Sunday was Station X at Time Trap in Reading. We've been here before for their absolutly stunning Pudding Lane room so expectations were already high. We arrived slightly delayed but our host and games master was so friendly and welcoming. He led us upstairs to a train carriage where we had the game explained to us. "The staff at top secret WW2 code-breaking centre, Bletchley Park, have become suspicious of a spy in their midst, culminating in the discovery of an incriminating letter from the spy which reveals that they’ll be leaving on the 9.05pm train from Bletchley Station to London. The letter tells of several German decrypts the spy has stolen and concealed within the station, ready to flee with". Our task was simple, Discover who the spy is and recover the decrypts. We were led into the station and our game had begun.


We immediately started to look around this simple room. It had a few suitcases, a book stand and a bench. It was simple yet desinged in such a way that it felt like you were in a train station waiting room. We found a few decrypts and got to work on the puzzles. There was a great mix of puzzles in this first room and it helped build up to some of the harder puzzles later in the game. Its a very interactive room with loads of hands on puzzles as well as quite a few mental puzzles. You genuinely have to work as a team to solve some of them. We eventually opened up the first door via a very unique puzzle that I've sen before but not done in the way Station X does it.

As Station X goes on, the puzzles become a bit more trickier but nothing ever seemed to hard that we felt like giving up. Somehow our group managed to solve a couple of puzzles without knowing it and then ended up going back round to resolve them in the wy they were planned to be played. I have no idea how we managed that, but it didn't detract from the game. The problem I have is that Station X is a very hard room to review without giving away any of the puzzles as they all interconnect in some way. What I can say is that the way to solve the room is to correctly identify who the spy is and then ring the little bell. But the question remains, did we discover who the spy was?

Yes we did. We discovered the spy in 55 minutes and 10 seconds and we managed to recover 14 of the Decrypts. We won't say how many decrypts are in the room as that would be spoilers. We couldn't think of a team name and luckily they have a random name generator. We played this room with Ash from Scare Directory and Tim from ScareTour and the random name generator gave us the team name Haunted Squad, pretty apt really. The room is a great room and very immersive. It has some great puzzles that match the theme of the room and, I kid you not, waiting to see if you got the spy is the most nerve wracking experience i've had in a while. I just want to say a huge thank you to the team at TimeTrap for a great time.

You can find our review for their Pudding Lane room here. They have 3 rooms in total at Timetrap. For mor einformation and to book tickets you can visit their website here.


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