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Submerged by The Great Escape Game Sheffield Review

Last time we wrote we were 2 wins down with The Devils Playground and Run. We were ready to head on our merry way back home until we walked past an intensely themed door to which Dane asked Lee what it was, He replied with "This is Submerged and it's one of our hardest games, do you want to do it?" We had a little chat, Pagan was all for it but myself and Dane were a little on the fence, We were on a winning streak and didn't want to jinx our progression with an intentionally hard game but in the end the bank card was handed back over and Lee booked us in. Little could prepare us for the type of game we had just signed up for. We had a little break outside to get some air then headed back in. Lee then took us into a small room for an intensive briefing of our mission ahead, Coloured tools must only be used on corresponding bolts, a missile hit will cost us 2 minutes of air and in this game, you will only be allowed a total of 5 clues, Just what had we got ourselves into this time, It was time to see the Submarine and choose our roles because oh yes just like Ru likes to do there was another curveball to the game. We were separated into 3 compartments! Just like all 3 previous games without going into too much detail before we get to the spoilers, all we can say is the set is amazing, immersive and stressfully claustrophobic which just added to the mania about to unfold.

Potential spoilers ahead-Read at your own risk

In Submerged you will be broken down into 3 teams in order to form your crew, These are Communications, Weapons and Navigation. The only thing was we were just a small team of 3 which meant we were all in one compartment each. Pagan took the Captain role in Communications, I Took Weapons and Dane took Navigation. Now, this is where this review gets hard because keeping this spoiler-free is going to be the true challenge due to the fact all the action happens between these 3 chambers, And when Lee said this room is challenging... he wasn't lying.

If you want a cat in hell's chance of getting out and completing the mission teamwork and communication is absolutely paramount. If you're sitting in the corner in a confused blur then chances are you will be as sunk as your soon to be destroyed vessel. Each compartment has an integral part to play alongside your other teammates with your first challenge being opening some form of communication between the 3. This then leads to a well thought out group puzzle. As the game progresses you will have multiple lockers to get through, fixing machinery, decrypting codes and even working a periscope all to find your next steps to advance to the end goal. We must point out that we did have one extra help from Lee, due to the fact that my eyesight is poor at distance and Dane is lacking in height to press a switch to which we were allowed to work together and that kindness and understanding really made the game extra special. Sometimes we are met with limitations due to health or stature and had we been a bigger team we are sure this wouldn't have been necessary. We made a good flow with the puzzles and found ourselves at the final point, a message from a darker power and final choice to make which at the time I was completely unsure as to if we were meant to act upon. But alas we gave in to pressure and won the game in 46:12 which seemed quite the achievement, especially since all 3 of us had resigned ourselves to potential failure before even stepping through the airlock door. As a side note this game can be played as two teams across two identical rooms racing to completion, a maximum of 12 players with 6 per room, whilst also having the ability to fire missiles at their opponents, But as a group of three, we feel trying this approach would have been the absolute metaphor for disaster no matter how much fun for Lee to watch.

Once again we have to give a huge thanks to Lee for being an epic games master and for also not getting pissed at letting us in and out of the entrance door every time a vape called. We have only been here twice now but having completed 4 of the 5 rooms on site we have no fear that consistency will ever be an issue, Every game was just fantastic from start to finish and while we didn't get to meet all of the team, I would hazard a guess that fun professionalism and keen attention to detail runs in The Great Escape Game family. We cant wait to come back even if just for one more time and we are also earmarking the sister location in Leeds, Haunted we are looking at you.

It goes without saying and really bears repeating, honestly, we have had the best two days and we owe deep gratitude and thanks to you all.

If you would like to book The Great Escape Game Sheffield you can do so at this link.

Until next time PSG Signing out.


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