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The Container at Sheffield

This immersive horror event has been up and running for around a year now, located in Sheffield, tucked away from the public eye. And with it being a very hot June day, what better way to spend an hour than in a shipping container?

Now this is a very secretive attraction, so even though we promised not to disclose the details, we will be describing the excitement and fear we felt throughout as best we can. And what better way to start, than at the beginning...

As usual we tried to case the joint beforehand to get a feel for it, we were asked to arrive around 10 minutes beforehand so we wouldn't clash with any groups leaving previously (luckily we were first on the night so we could drive by without risk of spoilers). What we didn't expect was to spot a rather small isolated container between two large superstores, which added to the anticipation of seeing such a niche attraction surrounded by "normalcy". And good news for those who drive, it has plenty of space to park safely.

We were greeted by a very friendly gentleman that handed us our waivers to read over and sign, as well as given the opportunity to select our safe words! I'd forgotten to bring a hair tie (which they recommend for long hair) but he was kind enough to offer me a spare which I gladly accepted. He left us alone with one last note: that we would be taken one at a time...

Now we can't really say what happens inside, however we can tell you that we were taken on a very immersive journey. All of our senses were tested, the feeling of going through it alone even though you knew you had your party there with you. Each of our experiences differed slightly inside, both physically and mentally. The anticipation never dropped throughout, and hearing what was happening to the rest of the group only upped the anti. And I hate to admit it but I think I was the loudest out of us three!

Overall, The Container was a very enjoyable event, a very good gateway into what immersive horror can be! Whether you are a veteran of immersive horror or just getting into it, the passion these guys have is undeniable and they will take you on a journey throughout the minds of serial killers. We will be keeping an eye out for hopefully another chapter as the team that run this are fantastic and were amazing at providing us with a sensory experience that will stick with us for a while! Thank you for having us and we will definitely be back!


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