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The Nightmare Rooms - Trick or Treat at the Hotel Review 2021

Yesterday afternoon we popped along to The Nightmare Rooms in Tantobie to experience Trick or Treat at the Hotel, a family friendly version of their evening offering, as we had a youngster with us during the day who wanted to do something spooky. When we arrived we were greeted by some really lovely ladies who told us to go round the corner and our experience had begun.

We were then greeted by a receptionist who welcomed us to the hotel and got us to sign his guest book. He then led us into the hotel. We walked a dark corridor full of cobwebs and we then went into the dining room where there was a creepy piano player. It was dark and atmospheric. There is a well timed scare in here that got us good. As we progressed to the next room we met a bellboy who offered us finger sandwiches and other disgusting food. He ushered us through to the luggage room which was very well themed and hiding round the back was a seance. We took our seats and The seance started. The lights flickered and turned off and the actor moved and when they came back on he scared the youngster with us. At the same time one appeared behind us and made us jump as we got up. We left the luggage room and moved to the bar. This was a safe space in the middle. We were given some sweets and had a bit of banter with the bell boy.

The bell boy explained that we now needed to go find our room key. So off we went, back into the depths of hotel and we entered the laundry room. The room had sheets all over that we had to move through. There was a perfect little jump scare here that got all of us. We found our key. We backed out the laundry room and were led to our bedroom room. We entered and walked in. Suddenly the characters we had already met all jumped out and chased us out the back. As we exited we got our picture taken. We were offered the opportunity to do it again and we all were up for it and the second run we had they had completely changed the scares and even upped them a little bit.

For a family event it has the right level of scares and fun. It’s a great little attraction to start with for kids who love Halloween and want to do something spooky. For an event with a small budget they have done a really great job with what they have. We were lucky enough to be able to chat with the guys who run it who explained that they do it for the under privileged kids in the local area and he explained how they actually have to pack it away each night and then put it back out the next day due to the community centre being used for other things. I was really impressed with what these guys have done and I really wish I had left time to experience their evening version as I think it would be something quite terrifying.

(Photo taken from The Nightmare Rooms Facebook page)

The Nightmare Rooms is open every day and night the rest of October and at £20 for 4 people (that’s £5pp) it’s very much value for money. More information and to book tickets you can visit the The Nightmare Rooms website.


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