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Unwrapped - Faceless Ventures Review 2018

Well where to start,My name is Dan Thorpe and I’m the newest member of the team at Parks,Scares and Glitter, But you may know me as The Villages evil scarecrow leader, The Dark Reverend Bloodhusk.

This is my second FV Show after Interieur and anticipation has been here, But taking infomation from Amber I decided to give Immersive Horror a go and man am I glad I did. After leaving interieur, Unwrapped was booked within minutes. The thing I found with Immersive Horror is It takes me back to my very first scare attraction ,The Sanctuary (I know right what a way to start!) Since then I was hooked and as fate would have it,joined the ranks of this countries many talented scare actors with 3 years of Xtreme Scream Park under my belt. Stilton 16″ Village 17″ and 18″. But that’s a little about me out the way, Onto Unwrappped!

When Unwrapped was announced, right until the night our adventure was to take place very little was released ..very very little. All we knew is that this one was for us to “Unwrap”and time had now come. Given our custom Jury Passes, a court room orderly took us down the cellar steps to the court room. This was quite a surprise seeming that neither me or my companion Pagan has this down in our heads , We believed it would be a dark twisted game of pass the parcel with forfeits of varied intensity wrapped within. The Court room was dark, damp, and slightly foreboding , Like an underground secret organisation. We took our seats with a slight sense of power from our roles given, Just as buttocked grazed the seats ,The orderly walked in and told us to rise for our Judge. The accused were bought in wearing Orange jumpsuits , None other than Lee ,Sarah ,Rosalie and James. As soon as I clapped eyes on Sarah sat across from me a combination of love, awe and oh f**K washed over me, I smiled, the smile back was one of malicious glee. One by one each defendant took to the stand of our honorable judge and each as part of their defense against the charge of crimes against the scare industry took us through a past attraction/event. First up to the stand? Lee.

Lee -Diary of the Deceased/ EVAC

Lee explained about humble beginnings and we joined him across the hopscotch we crossed to make our way in, Slowly it was making sense, We turned a corner , Lee no where to be seen to find ourselves sat “very compactly” in a childs bed sheet tent. And sat on the only chair a lad who I have to say was an absolute star. He told the story of the monsters in his room to a chilling music box rendition of My Immortal and how his parents would not believe him. Not long after the assault from unseen attacks started on the tent and the boy told us to escape. This traditional style mini scare maze was a great start in near darkness ,plenty of well placed jumps and a horned demon lurking in the shadows waiting for us to get close. After our exit we then returned to the court room to face Sarahs defense.

Sarah- The Pit

Sarahs defense seemed more about the safety yet there was an air in her voice that she was relishing in our uncertainty. And so as before we were asked to rise up , Lined center of the court were were hooded and as Sarah whispered “Don’t let go of the rope” And off we went, This short but powerful hooded section was one of the best hooded experiences ive done, Within seconds of entering it wasnt long before I was tangled in vines, Removed from the rope, Sent backwards and forwards maybe 8 times or more and made to crawl for my exit.

Hair disheveled we sat back down for a brief recess and as no hard feelings were shown, Cocktails were provided, I looked over to Sarah as if to say, you cow XD. But it would seem out of the four hellish Libations that mine was the least offensive , Chilled tomato juice, I heard others had far more nasty surprises. Next upto the stand Rosalie.


Rosies defense was much more animated, Adamant to prove innocence to the claims and the close her defense we watched a short video featuring Haunting.Nets very own Tayloooooor Winterrrrrrs. Im so sorry I couldn’t resist being a Drag Race fan lol. The video showing a particular game I have been begging to try, the Infamous HVRTING! My heart leaped , Could this be? Will my night be made complete for the year?. We were lead off once again, A door swings open. A table, Red Cloth, 2 Candles ,Chairs , Dark Lighting ,2 Staunch “bouncers” and the one and only Rosalie sat in formal black gown like the croupier from hell. All that I Saw in seconds and shouted “YESSSS! HVRTING!!!” My night was made. Rosalie welcomes us in and asks is if we would like to sit down “It would be my pleasure!!” I sit looking around me ,Im going to play HVRTING im so happy right now! Rosie plays a track from her phone , a dark daming voice over explaining the game ahead of us and how we got here. “Your friends are now you enemies” SCREW YOU BITCHES XD, Amber I thought of you this whole time. Round begins, Pagan was blindfolded. Emz receives Pass the punishment ,I think James may have faced the hot was this round. Me… 30 Press ups for everyone you fail, you will be paddled. I tried my hardest and dropped at 28 . Callum then walked around the table and I was taken for my two spanks. Round 2 Pagan still hooded Gets the Hot wax, Emz gets Peg on the Nipple , which is handed to me by Emz, Thanks babe, My card gets me blind folded, I think this was when James had to do press ups and unlike me completed his 30.

Round 3-Pagan gets 3 spanks, Emz pulls a double the punishment card, James I sadly cant remember , For me however it was 5 spanks to the ass. I took the first 2 , But bravery and stupidity overcame me in a double whammy, I shout ” Oh harder baby!” With that my bare ass is exposed to our gathering and the harder intensity was delivered to my right cheek. The room gasps at the sounds of flesh hitting flesh while im laughing my head off and wincing at the same time. Ready for round 4 .. Sadly round 4 did not come for me as our entertainment was ended when the knock at the door came and Emz dodged a peg to the nipple herself.

I left the room excited and begging for more HVRTING , My love for this game, now being part of it skyrocketing ten fold. Im already choosing my high rollers gear if or when the time comes again.


Led back to the courtroom a new figure arrives we have one more defense to hear but James is nowhere to be seen ,not seconds from sitting back down a team in white boiler suits rushed the room and takes us away… Then it dawns on me and fear washes over in seconds.The one event Amber told me about that made me shudder.. I utter to myself.. Oh f**k …CRACKED! Taken No further than the corridor just before the court room we are marched in and made to stand facing the wall with military order, Head against the wall, feet spread wide apart and heels off the ground. This I must say puts tremendous strain on your calves and soon after rather unceremoniously hooded, all to the soundtrack of BLAKE himself with a mental mantra “I AM BLAKE , YOU ARE BLAKE, WE ARE ALL BLAKE,YOU WILL BE REBORN etc” Soon after we are turned round, Alot! made to hold our arms up at awkward angles, moved around like a child with a Generation Game quivering bloke. We are then ordered to count to 5 minutes. I think the idea was to make you loose count and upset yourself, Even with my arms being lifted and being shouted at ” Is that 5 minutes then, “NO” ,THEN WHY ARE YOU ARMS UP!” More pushing pulling etc and then all of a sudden, “What are you doing to them!” an american voice saves us. We file back into the court one last time being un-hooded on the way. Our savior is none other than the Infamous Blake Ciccone who id heard alot about before. Damn that accents sexy..I digress , He explains about Cracked, One of FV more controversial to some’ Show. How Blake wants the best for everyone like a motivational speaker. Tony Robbins in a Boiler suit and Gas Mask lol, You get the picture. The final closing statement before passing judgement with the judging paddles given is another video by a very familiar face and good friend, Mikey Johnson from ScareTrack. Mikey explains the pros and cons of Immersive horror and ends with an intimidating plug for the next show im due to endure with Amber and Pagan in toe as his final words… Some shows are just CRUEL!

With Cruelty now in my head we are asked to pass sentence on the convicted and are warned not to let anything sway our judgement after the ENTIRE CAST of tonights offerings are marched in directly behind us. We Unanimously vote NOT GUILTY .. then out of the blue and strange happy shock. PARTY POPPERS ,Yes party poppers in a horror event erupt over our heads and Pat Benetar booms out “HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT” The defense erupts into celebration and breaks into dance. Our Jury Duty complete. We leave up the stairs we entered down 45 minutes ago trying to hide the evidence and the smiles on our faces of the amazing stand out show we had just had the pleasure to be entertained by.

Congratulations Faceless Ventures. Freedom to cause Chaos once again.

Now its just a case of the long wait to April for the next show Cruelty!

See you soon


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