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Valenterror 2019 Review Scare Kingdom

Hey there guys ,Dan Here,So last night I ventured to Scare Kingdom Scream Park for Valenterror on behalf of the PSG family to take on Manormortis-Baskerville Hall, BodySnatchers-Waxworks and ofcourse the infamously sick and twisted Psychomanteum, this time under the theme of HeartBROKEN.This was my first ever trip to Scare Kingdom so all was very new and fresh to me,This is my review =p Manormortis-Baskerville Hall A beautiful attraction with extreme attention to detail of which I need to see on a proper run. If I’m honest the werewolves were somewhat lost with me but that could be down to the glow-stick gimmick. All the actors were totally on point,” Special mention to Sherlock Holmes himself and letting us into the manor alone, But all were delivering energetic performances, especially a certain impact scare that switched the energy of one corridor but I was more focused on not walking into a wall with the light from my vial of “wolfsbane”Also the finale was very very well executed and enjoyed of facing this scene alone. Notable mention of the attraction has to go to the super sleuth host Sherlock Holmes

BodySnatchers-WAXWORKS This Attraction started off very very promising and the greeting from Madame Tussaud herself introducing us into the opening night of the chamber of horrors was brilliant! The nods to various puppets and dolls from horror were great too, Especially for me being an AHS fan the red dress-clad Marjory. The attraction went on with the sublime scenery and set design as seen in the previous attraction and once again the actors were all on point with performances. Sadly the ending left me feeling like I had missed a finale so it falls just below Manormortis for me but in no way is it a bad attraction, just fell a little flat in the finale as although warned about the infamous ” Candleman” I was yet to ever meet him. Notable mention of the attraction goes to Madame Tussaud..don’t forget to applaud

Psychomanteum HeartBROKEN Due to the waiver, I’m not allowed to discuss what exactly happened in Psychomanteum, But what I will say is my long awaited trip in the infamous psychosexual aversion clinic was everything I hoped for! Filthy, Aggressive, Foul, Twisted , Dirty,Sexual and I dare say Sexy , Kinky, Offensive and Sick Everything Psychomanteum aims to be and it passes on all accounts. Drag Queens, Chocolates and Lipstick will never seem the same again, And I can’t wait to crawl back in the pit of filth and degradation we all know as Scare Kingdom Scream Parks twisted finale experience. PSYCHOMANTEUM I LOVE YOU! Notable mention of the attraction for me goes to the drag queen to make you scream argghghhh yes baby! Scare Kingdom will reopen on May 4th (Star Wars Day) for Walpurgis Night and will feature 3 attractions, The Evil From Oz, Body Snatchers Spring Heeled Jack and Psychomanteum Goremet Cafe.


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