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Walsall Scare Maze -Christmasacre:The Hellebration

On the 19th of December we headed to Walsall Scare Maze for the very first time for their Christmasacre event. For a long time now we have heard such amazing things from Walsall Scare Maze but due to one reason or another we had yet been able to get to this amazing attraction ourselves. Walsall Scare Maze can be found in an unusual location behind The Lion bar/pub off an unassuming street but rest assured this should not be any foreshadowing of the might of the show and what a show this fantastic and dedicated team put on.

Spoiler Warning - Read at your own risk

One of the first things we will praise Walsall Scare Maze on is the batching. Whilst you may wait a little while to enter the maze itself, it is all forgiven for the fact that you never run into the group ahead as it seems like you are the only group in the maze at any one time. On top of this is the 80s/90s classics playing out while you wait adding to the Christmas party feel.

Once you enter the maze you are greeted by a photo op and the safety info via a themed video which just adds to the immersion, then it's time for the fun to begin. Walsall Scare Maze goes by in such a chaotic blur for all the best reasons so we shall try to remember all in the order as much as we can.

The first character you meet is a severely inebriated staff member who tells you all about the Christmas party you are attending and of the doctor you are due to meet. This actor was absolute perfection with the vocals, physicality and comic timing and was a great way to start this attraction. After some tight corridors and some fantastic timed jump scares we found ourselves with the Dr's assistant, Again another brilliant actress who plays the role with pure crazed glee. She took a liking to Dane but not so much myself sadly but such is life and little did we know she was sizing up the group to see who could be the Doctors patient and in this case it was Dane to the dentist's chair for a check-up which left him with a wet crotch and upon leaving the room, myself with a very wet back.

Back into the dark of the corridors filled with lights, smoke and very well hidden actors led us to our next section which was a chef who was more than willing for us to try his bangers and mash even if there was more than a few live bodies running through the mix. Again another powerful role played with perfection, it was really starting to show the standard of the actors that Walsall Scare Maze employs. The maze then takes a literal darker turn into the corridors and into a brilliant "swamp laser" room with even more perfect timed scares, Seriously, every actor so far was on point. As we ventured deeper into the attraction we came bombarded with lasers and more smoke meeting the sinister staff within the bunker who take great pleasure in getting up close and personal at every turn. Just when you think Walsall Scare Maze can't throw anymore at you, you hit the finale which is absolute Christmas chaos personified, cue the Christmas soundtrack, thick smoke, colourful onslaught of strobes and the crazed staff of the bunker which as this point care little for personal space. One particular actress grabbed my hand and with little time to contemplate a choice dragged me away from the group, stroking my face, tickling, messing up my hair, Dane at this time had also disappeared from the group i assume under the same treatment. It then dawned on us that it seemed there was no exit and we were in fact in a small but very effective curtain maze. The longer we stayed the more we were manhandled, Honestly is it was a chaotic explosion of the best kind which left us all not knowing which way to go. Then one final push through a door into a foam/snow machine and it was out the door into the bar to which we all left smiling and applauding the experience we had just endured.

When we say Walsall Scare Maze doesn't have one bad actor we mean it. Every single one was on point and knew exactly what the assignment was. The thing that becomes so apparent after visiting is just how dedicated the whole team are to not just their roles and characters but to creating an unforgettable experience and for that the entire team need to be commended that of course goes out to all the management too. It may have taken us a while to get to Walsall Scare Maze but rest assured we will be back, this is not an event you want to miss and we can't wait for Halloween to get back in the bunker or whatever theme immerges from the creative genius of the team.

Walsall Scare Maze is now closed but for more info on this brilliant event check their website

Until next time PSG signing out.


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