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Yorkshire Scare Grounds 2022 Review

Our Slasher Review

Yorkshire Scare Grounds is located near Wakefield and consists on 5 scare mazes and 2 scare zones. The theming is absolutely stunning and the attention to detail in each maze is beautiful but the scares weren't there for me. Whitechapel was my favourite just because of the detailed sets.

Top Tips - It's an ideal event for beginner/scaredy cats scare fans or those who are stepping up from no actor events.

Things that bite - Not enough actors

Value for money - Yes and no. The price isn't expensive and the sets and costumes are stunning bur the scares are hit and miss.

Scare Rating - 2/5

Do we recommend - For locals yes

Our Stalker Review

I’ve been wanting to visit Yorkshire Scare Grounds for a little while and I finally managed to make it. This years event has 5 scare mazes and 2 scare zones. We arrived quite late into the evening and queued for about 30 minutes to get in. There was a roaming devil character that was quite imposing and who posed with guests. This is a linear attraction so you visit the attractions in a set order. Our group of 10 were let into the first zone, Forest of Freaks.

Warning, potential spoilers ahead.

The zone was a beautiful start to the event. It was bright and colourful whilst also maintaining a creepy atmosphere. It was a very simple design as it’s just a walkthrough but it was nice. It seemed to lack actors, with our group only encountering 1 actor in this section, but this was still a nice warm up. After Forest of Freaks it was time for our first maze on our journey They/Them. I will be honest, I don’t really remember much about the story other than it was slightly industrial. The sets were ok on this maze but the scares that were there were all aimed at the front. It was a lacklustre maze, which was a shame.

After They/Them we entered the Human Safari maze. I say maze, it had more of a scare zone feel about it. The pathway took us through a couple of set pieces and then we entered a section where you get soaked due to some water jets. There was a few more actors in here but it still felt lacking and the scares weren’t really there.  Human Safari merged directly with the second zone Undead Central and there was about 2 zombies and simple but effective theming.

After a small queue it was time for the penultimate maze Whitechapel. Walking through the streets and the shops of this maze was incredible. The sets are absolutely stunning. The attention to detail as you walk around is utterly immersive and you kind of loose yourself in the theming. The characters you meet were fun but not scary. I wish there was more actors providing scares as this could be one of the most immersive and scariest attractions at the event.

The next maze of the night was Dollhouse. This life size dolls house was so detailed in its theming that there was so much to see that we couldn’t take it all in. It was an Aladdin’s cave theming. There were a couple of actors in here but they stood in the corners and didn’t really do much, though I just say that the teddy bear costume was amazing!

Last attraction of the night was Twisted Tooth Fairy and it was similar to the previous two in that it lacked actors but it had some great interactions and some great sets too. The scares weren’t really there for me because there was a lot of animatronics but I can see that other people would find it scary, especially the chainsaw finale.

It was getting late so we left the event straight after our run but we had a bit of car trouble but the team and security were absolutely incredible and helped and really went above and beyond and we are so thankful for their help.

Overall the event was very mixed. The sets and ideas are absolutely brilliant but it just needed a few more actors and scares to really bring it together to make a complete package. The locals obviously absolutely love the event and I can see why, it just needed a bit more to really pack a punch and make it very memorable but I’m really excited to see what they bring to life next.

For more information about Yorkshire Scare Grounds you can visit their website!

Review written by Dom


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