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Zombie Infection – The Mansion Review

I’m a massive zombie fan and so when Zombie Infection announced that they were at a new and beautiful location, I really could not resist going back to their amazing event! After experiencing The Courthouse 2 years ago, I vowed I would be back. I later on learnt that The Mansion is the sequel to The Courthousr. I could not have been more excited to be doing this event. And wow boy this was a sequel. There was most definitely more zombies this time round. More death, more killing, more elaborate scenes The story was so easy to follow and understand, even for the people who have not previously been to an event, so had no idea on any previous story’s or background and they all got and understood the story. I’m going to have to mention the venue. Wollaton Hall in Nottingham is a truly stunning location. It completely blew me away when I first arrived and saw this long drive with a stunning mansion at the top of it. Who would of thought there would be a zombie apocalypse here. I’m going to say it now. It’s one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever done an event in! And I was incredibly excited to get started and to see just how much of this we were going to see and explore! Also if any of you guys have seen any Batman films you would recognise this mansion too So we were greeted by our friendly host who welcomed us to the event and signed us all in and took us to the loo one last time. I must admit I needed a nervous wee haha. We all waited nervously and excitedly as we are given our safety speech and found ourselves waiting in the stunning grounds of Wollaton Hall. Our experience started off in the grounds of the mansion and the way this event kicked off really got me as boy, it started off with a bang. There was some fun and good set pieces here. I especially loved the way we had to go and get our weapons, that was terrifying! Also, boy, can these zombie run to. Some of the fastest and cunning zombies I’ve encountered. Then all so quickly we found our way into the mansion where we got to explore and see most of this beautiful house, from the beautiful rooms and unique stuffed creatures, down to the deep dark cellars of the mansion… they were truly terrifying. We even found ourselves on the roof of the place! That was something I never expected and this was another scene I loved along with the cellar too as both were just terrifying. We found ourselves running and dashing round the whole venue in our mission to find the mysterious creator and dash his plans. Everything about this event from start to finish was absolutely amazing. from the dashing round the grounds, to the final showdown. The team delivered a fantastic and complicated story that truly immersed you into the event for two hours and you genuinely believe you’re in a zombie apocalypse and it’s non stop which I love. Not sure my body liked me after lol.

Now I must mention their zombies, because wow they really were not your average zombies. They would come at you from places you would never expect, from bushes in the grounds to lurking in the dark and coming out of unexpected places. They would lunge and run at you till you shoot them in the head. Once you shot then, they would fall quite epically, but they would soon be back. They were truely believable and I found myself screaming, shouting and running in pure terror from them. They must of been shattered from the amount of effort they put in and So a massive well done zombies! Also a mention to our fantastic rebels, who’s entrance was fantastic. I must of jumped so high in the air. Whoever lead us all they way on the mission helped deliver a fantastic story and drew us all in. They made sure everyone took part which I loved. The fact they made people lead and check places to, which was terrifying, l but you felt very much part of what you were meant to do and helped everyone work together. The rebels truly did a fantastic job to so well done to them as well. In fact the whole Zombie Infection team deserves so much credit as this event was truly amazing, from the location, to the zombies and rebel’s, I’ve never ran so much for a long time and I found myself completely taken in. It’s been one of my highlights of the year so far. Well done guys you truly deliver fantastic events and your hard work and dedication truly shows for sure, so a massive well done and I’m planning to come back to a different venue now as well. So guys seriously get yourself to one of theses events I could not recommend these award winning guys enough. The Mansion only has a short run so get yourselves there quick or to any of their other locations too. You seriously won’t regret it and it was so so worth the money and 2.5hr drive. Thank you Zombie Infection, love you guys.


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